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We provide high quality Kenya cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Kenya sesame oil from family growers from Kenya.

Cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil from Kenya comes from the sesame plants that many call simsim in local slang. It develops to reach about four to seven feet high and it is usually elegantly straight in stature. The plant’s main characteristics include the bell-like blooms and alternate leaves. Its commercial product is the oil that comes from the seeds enclosed by the capsule. The seed has 50 to 55% oil as well as 25% protein. When not being processed into oil, the seeds are used as topping in bread and confectioneries. People in East Africa also grind the seeds and then feature them in soups and fish menus.

The origin of sesame was Asia Minor between 2000 B.C and 3600 B.C. As a drug, sesame oil was first mentioned in Egypt about 3600 B.C. Its agility to grow anywhere earned it the diminutive ‘survivor crop.’ This is how the three-feet tall plant was able to disperse to new world regions including East Africa. Tanzania and Sudan are Africa’s top sources of raw sesame. It currently enjoys the title ‘Queen of vegetable oils.’ This is because it has sesamol which reduces the chances of the oil going bad.

We source the raw materials of sesame oil from the semi-arid parts of Eastern, Central and Rift Valley in Kenya. The plant needs about 25% of the water it takes to cultivate other dry region cereals like sorghum. Remarkably, its survival status owes to a strong make up of extra nutrients: Sesamol and Tocopherol are two such bioactive compounds that develop to protect the plant against harsh weather. They are also available in the oil as the precursors of Vitamin E, a major antioxidant.

Some of the key nutritional qualities of extra virgin sesame oil include the following:

  • The seed produces healthy fats that are mainly poly-and monounsaturated. They keep the cholesterol low, reduce oxidative stress that contributes to diabetes and keep the tissues free of internal swelling.
  • The seed also contains sesamol, a building block for vitamin E. This fatty acid is what makes the plant’s oil a very potent antioxidant.
  • Because of its Vitamin E and calcium, it fights degenerative diseases including cancer and keeps inflammation away.
  • It is a natural antidepressant that maintains good mood.
  • The rich composition of oleic and linoleic acids which make up three-quarters of all fatty acids in the oil provide blood pressure regulation and protect against heart disease.

The uses of Kenya cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil range from beauty to culinary ones with the main ones being:

  • Hair nourishment and skin smoothening.
  • Inclusion in meals especially in preparing salads due to its savory, mildly pleasant taste.
  • It features in cooking meals that require long-term storage such as fast foods due to its preservative sesamol.
  • Outside the edible uses, sesame also makes paints, bathing soap, deodorants and features in drug preparation.

To grow the plant for our cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil, we liaise with farmers all over Kenya who usually harvest the first crop in three to three-and-a-half months after planting. Our team supervises the proper picking of the extremely small seeds. We ensure that all the produce is at its driest possible condition before harvesting. We then cart the seeds and capsules away and keep them at room temperature with as low as 6% saturation. The seeds then go into cleaning and then hulling from the outer capsule.

Hulling involves either natural splitting of the capsule when its is completely ripe or artificial crushing. Our crushing is of a mild nature to ensure that the oil retains its flavor and taste. After this process we take the hulled seeds into a computerized sorting frame which separates the produce by color. We discard the discolored seeds and keep the best grade of optimally sized and right colored seeds in readiness for processing.

After hulling we then wash the seeds again under clear pure water. This is followed by roasting the clean kernels at low heat to maintain the sesamol antioxidant content. The heat helps to remove the remaining water that drying has not ridden off.

The first step of Kenya cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil production is that of pouring the seeds into a cold press that uses expeller technology. For it to be really extra-virgin, we use the lowest temperatures and add no chemicals at all. We then grind the kernels in steel rollers. These continue in a cyclical motion that squeezes the oil out with every repetitive rotation. We keep the oozing crude liquid in a beaker beneath the cold press machine.

Our extra virgin sesame oil does not undergo filtration unless you specifically request. Filtering helps to remove the suspended particles such as kernel solids that settle after the processing is over. For the unfiltered oil, we include both the oil and the suspended lees without refining. The final product is brownish-red or yellowish in color which certifies it natural.

Soon after processing is over, we pack Kenya cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil in transparent PET bottles to showcase the brownish-yellow liquid. We offer sizes that range from 15 milliliters to  hefty drums of above 15 liters. Our other kinds of packing media include cantor bottles and polyester-lined tin containers that offer both transparency and durability.  We keep half a dozen 15ml bottles per medium-sized carton ready for delivery by air.

After inspection by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KeBS) for product quality, we then insert labels on to the cold pressed extra-virgin sesame oil.  Our labels contain the set of ingredients, the manufacturing date, and the brand name.  We  also indicate a ‘best-by’ date which states a 24-month lifespan of the product when kept in a cool, ventilated, dry environment with no direct light.

We store the cold-pressed extra-virgin sesame oil from Kenya under 15° Celsius.  All our stopper-sealed bottles preserve the oil temporarily in our dimly-lit storage rooms before shipment. We transport the oil in refrigerated vans  that preserve the processed product in the same manner as in the cold room.

Thus, if you have the need for cold-pressed extra virgin sesame oil from Kenya, you now have Selina Wamucii to count on. Right from the highly sanitary processing means to the careful packing of the unfiltered oil, we maintain hygienic standards.  The fact that our sesame grows naturally in the backyards of family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications makes our oil one of the best quality in the region. Furthermore, unlike popular practice elsewhere where seed rejects feature in oil production, we only sort the best colored and normal sized seeds for oil processing. In the price department, we have very fair rates that are among the lowest in the trade. The same applies to the exacting quantity parameters which we align to your specified tonnage. Indeed, you can start by making an order today!

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