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Kenya Baobab Oil is gladly sold by Essential Oils of Africa, ever conscious of quality and competitive pricing.

The Baobab tree is one of the most intriguing trees. It grows in Africa and it is commonly referred to as the “upside-down “tree. The lifespan of Baobab is 600 years. The botanical name for Baobab is Adansonia digitata, named after Michael Adanson, a French botanist who studied these trees.

Origin of  Kenya Baobab Oil

In Africa, Baobab is probably the best known tree. Its thick, grey and fibrous trunk (reaching in some instances, over 30 meters in circumference) and huge, sprawling crown, sometimes without foliage are instantly recognizable. Baobabs are extremely long lived, with some species believed to be as much as 3500 years old. The tree belongs to its own family, Bombacaceae.

The Baobab tree is a digitae (meaning hand-shaped) with leaves and ovoid fruit, with a had woody shell covered in green-yellowish smooth hairs. Baobab fruit contains quite a number of seeds, embedded in a cream-white, powdery pulp. Spicy and healthful, the pulp makes a delicious food or after soaking in milk or water, the result is a refreshing beverage. The tree is found throughout Africa generally at low altitudes and in the drier, hotter areas. In Africa the tree is so common that to many people it symbolizes Africa.


Kenya Baobab oil is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds.


Baobab oil has therapeutic healing properties. It enhances the healing of wounds hence Cicatrizant and it is an antioxidant which protects the skin from free radical damage. It acts as an insulator for taking extra care of the skin when exposed to low and high harsh conditions. Baobab is an emollient and thus an excellent skin moisturizer. Containing omega fatty acids, it is anti-inflammatory. The oil also enhances the growth of new skin cell making it look glossy and young, thus qualifying the oil as a rejuvenator. Baobab oil is non-siccative and it does not dry after a lengthy period of time.

Aroma, Color and Taste

The color of Baobab oil is deep golden-yellow and its aroma is earthy aroma. The oil tastes nutty.


Kenya Baobab oil is famed as massage oil because it has unique texture compared to other oils. It can make the skin velvety, smoothly restructuring and healing damaged or dry skin. It is a stretch marks remedy and by applying regularly to areas with stretch marks it can greatly lessen the depth of the unwanted marks because it is a stimulator of collagen and elastin. Baobab oil also heals post-surgical scars.

The oil is great for applying on chapped lips to get rid of that condition. It is also used in dental care where it is applied on swollen inflaming gums to relieve pain and it is therefore very powerful for dental care treatment.
Kenya Baobab oil easily gets absorbed in the skin and is thus very good as moisturizing lotion. When applied after a shower it leaves the skin moisturized and it eliminates the greasy feeling. For people whose nails easily break, Baobab oil gives the solution. It leaves hands and feet soft when they are soaked in it.

We now welcome you to order our Kenya baobab oil, fresh from the country’s virgin forests available today at Essential Oils of Africa.

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