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Varieties Long pod, Dwarf Pod, Short Pod
Common Names Faba Beans
Packing 500g cans, 100kg sack, as per buyer requirements
Availability (Season) May to November
Transportation Conditions 15°C for 30days
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Kenya Broad beans are a great source of fiber and plant proteins which is a vital and healthy replacement of animal proteins in daily diet.For 100 grams of broad beans, you get 88 calories. They are also known to contain zero cholesterol, Great news! Right? They can be eaten raw in the early stages and also served as accompaniments in salads. A pod of broad beans contains wide light green pods almost circular in shape. It is a species of a flowering plant in the pea family that is greenish-black, brown or black in color.The beans were popular in Rome and Greece where they spread in other parts of Asia and Europe Steadily. They are also known as the oldest plants in the history of human farming. Broad beans are classified into 3 groups namely:

  • Long pod: the longest of them all measuring between 30cm and 40cm long. Mostly it will contain 7 to 10 seeds inside.
  • Windsor pod: A bit shorter but has wider pods than the long pod. It produces between 3 to 6 seeds in each pod.
  • Dwarf pod:  The shortest of them all containing between 2 and 5 seeds in each pod.

Fava beans, as are popularly known, thrive best in warm weather conditions. The planting season is during autumn that is from October to November or February to April. They germinate within two to three weeks as the soil is still warm.

Harvesting season begins as early as May and might extend to September with the peak being July. They take between three and four months to mature. 

During harvesting, broad beans are picked from the bottom upwards, the stems cut off and the roots dug back into the soil to utilize the nitrogen trapped in the roots.

Kenya broad beans are shelled then dried for packing in sacks, whereas some are boiled, salted then canned with preservatives for the ‘ready to eat’ consumers. They can also be roasted, salted with advance technology then packed in cans for export.

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“I keep returning the combination of artichoke, broad beans and lemon, the freshness of broad beans and lemon lifts the artichoke and balances the hearty nature” Yotam Ottolenghi

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