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Kenya Leleshwa Oil is proudly offered by Essential Oils of Africa, a member of Selina Wamucii.  Found mostly in the Great Rift Valley, Leleshwa is a shrub with green dark leaves and can grow up to 25 feet high. When crushed, the leaves have a sharp camphor-like scent. In the savannah, wild animals like antelopes are normally found rubbing up against Leleshwa shrub and studies have discovered that they are not likely to suffer from insects bites and stings. Similarly, pests like ticks seem to avoid biting those animals.

Leleshwa oil was used in the past for cleaning and healing wounds because it keeps insects away from cuts. It was believed that it protects one against evil spell especially when travelling to a new place. The Maasai people, mainly found in Kenya, used the leaves of Leleshwa shrub as bed sheet because they believed that it had many useful purposes like warding off insects and pests, bringing peaceful sleep and preventing nightmares.

Leleshwa is a natural preservative when added to skin care formulations so widely used in industries producing body care products.

Extraction of Kenya Leleshwa Oil

Leleshwa oil is extracted by the method of steam distillation from leaves and flowers of the plant. It is condensed from the shrub and the wood can be used as fuel to produce heat for boiler.

Uses of Kenya Leleshwa Oil

Antiseptic: It is a strong antiseptic skin cleanser and it is normally used in lotions to mask skin layer, cleaning dirty pores.

Anti-acne products : It is effective in getting rid of acne and other related issues and is applied twice a day and can heal sores left by acne. Also disinfection of sores and cuts is perfectly done well using leleshwa oil.

Repellent against insects: Leleshwa is an excellent repellent for insects like mosquitoes and has an enduring and lasting effect.

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