• Chad Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Chad Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Chad Acacia Gum Arabic
  • Chad Acacia Gum Arabic

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Varietyacacia Senegal Arabic gum(Kitir) friable acacia seyal gum (Talha)
PackingBags made of cotton cloth
Season December to Mid- May for acacia Senegal Arabic gum February to July for friable acacia seyal gum
StorageStored under room temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius
Transport ConditionsAt room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius
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Harvesting of Chad natural gum arabic has been taking place for centuries. It only became more accessible to the world after its’ commercialization.

Gum Arabic is a natural gum with a hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. Gum Arabic is a mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins predominantly consisting of arabinose and galactose, which gives it the property of glue and binder that is edible by humans. 

Boswellia papyrifera produces frankincense, Commiphora produces myrrh. Frankincense and myrrh are as medicine, beverages, creams and liqueurs, cosmetic, creams and detergents.

 Gum Arabic is a stabilizing, in food and drink industries; in printing and textile industry, despite the economic importance of these products there is a rapid declaim due to degradation resulting from agricultural expansion, overgrazing fire, poor incense harvesting practices etc.

Gum production is also in Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Ethiopia and Niger.

Chad natural gum Arabic has mainly contributed to the economy of the country. The average production of Arabic gum in Chad is dependent on the climatic conditions the output ranges between 3000-7000 metric tons on adverse climatic conditions and 7000-13000 metric tons under suitable climatic conditions. The quality analysis of gum Arabic in Chad is done by the government officials “Eaux and Forets” departments.

The main destinations of gum Arabic from Chad are Europe, the United States and other industrialized nations. 

Acacia tree which produces gum Arabic. The species of acacia tree grow in several countries in the horn of Africa and West Africa. In chad, the acacia Senegal(l) species produce Senegal gum Arabic is commonly known as Kitir and friable acacia Seyal gum (Talha)

 Boswellia produces frankincense. Diversity of this genus is in northwest tropical Africa in the dry lowland areas.

Commiphora produces myrrh.

Chad is in the north of Africa between (12-16) degrees north latitude and (15-19) degrees east longitudes. The climatic conditions of the country are either dry, tropical and temperate rainy. The temperature of the country varies between 47 degrees Celsius in the Sahara Desert to 10 degrees Celsius in the Ouaddai highlands. These conditions give a favourable growth of Acacia, Boswellia and Commiphora.

 Chad natural gum Arabic is harvested manually by labour-intensive traditional methods of tapping. Tapping and collecting of Arabic gum are carried out around mid-September up to June during the offset of the dry season.

 Tapping is by the shaving off very thin using a hand tool. Once the first tapping is over, the second tapping will take place after 30-40 days. The tapping process goes up to 4 months.

Arabic gum processing is done in the city of N’Djamena and transported to the airport by van for export. The processed form of Arabic gum is in the form of powder which is sold to large confectionery and soft drink manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

At the airport of N’Djamena, there are fully-equipped laboratories and warehoused to ensure that quality and testy gum Arabic is exported. 

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