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ProduceAngola Beet Sugar
Varieties Red ace Bull’s blood
Common Name Beet sugar
PackingSacks Cartons Tins
Availability December - February
Transport Conditions Temperatures above 10°C, Controlled humidity
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What is the difference between cane sugar and beet sugar? This is a question that not many people would have an answer to since the source of sugar is, at most times, not disclosed. Fundamentally, there is not much of a difference between the two sugars, but the cause of sugar makes all the difference. 

Angola beet sugar is extracted from a beet plant that should not be mistaken for the beetroot plant. Beet sugar also does not contain bone char, which makes cane sugar whitish. Let’s look at the Angola beet sugar industry. 

The beet sugar plant belongs to the Beta Vulgaris family. The beet sugar mainly consists of a pointy root and leaves. Sugar in the plant is formed when the photosynthesis process occurs in the leaves; the sugar is then stored in the root of the plant. Beet sugar is mainly composed of sucrose, which is an ordinary sugar. 

The origin of beet sugar can be traced back to the 18th century. Andreas Sigismund, a German scientist, pioneered the discovery of beet sugar by separating sugar from the beet plant. Over the years, beet sugar spread to other parts of Europe, such as Poland and France. 

If there is one thing that we can all agree about, Angola is the enormous agricultural potential of the country. Angola is endowed with favorable weather, fertile soil, and numerous water sources, among many other factors of production. 

The beet sugar plant has many types that are grouped separately. For example, there is a group of Red varieties which consists of varieties such as;

  • Red ace
  • Bull’s blood
  • Detroit dark red

Unlike cane sugar, beet sugar excels in more cooler conditions. Temperatures of about 15°C and a maximum of 21°C are ideal, especially during the planting period. A rainfall of anything above 500mm annually and moderate sunlight will suffice. 

The beet sugar plant also has a relatively short maturity period; the planting and harvesting period takes an average of 6 to 8 months. In Angola, the planting of the crop starts from April to May. 

In the past, harvesting of beet sugar was done manually, where a worker had to pluck the beet from the ground using its leaves. In modern times, however, the process of harvesting is now through the use of machinery. In Angola, there exist sugar beet harvesters, which are only used for the collection of sugar beet. 

With more than 40% of all the world’s sugar sourced from the beet plant, there is a great market and potential for the crop. Angola possesses the perfect climatic conditions for the production of sugar beet. The beet sugar industry in Angola is ripe and ready for buyers. Sign up to our platform today and get connected with buyers and sellers of Angola beet sugar.


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