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Varieties clone 39, clone 2, clone 29, clone 29, clove 45, Ndargu and Louga 5
Size medium-sized potato weighs 150g while a large one weighs 225-340g
SeasonAvailable through out the year, peak March-May
Storage Temperatures of 12°C -15°C
Packing In cartons 10kg
Transport conditionsClean dry containers
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Sweet potatoes are root and tubers commonly classified as vegetables. The botanical name for sweet potatoes is Ipomoea batatas Sweet potatoes grow through vegetative propagation. The plant was initially grown in South and Central America. The plant was introduced to several in the 20th century by European settlers.

The production of sweet potatoes in Senegal has been on the rise over the recent years. Senegal sweet potatoes are grown in Niayes. The average harvest per hectare of land is 30tonnes. The sweet potato occurs in different varieties. The most commonly grown clones include clone 27, 2544, 2532, clone 39, clone 2, clone 29, clone 29, clove 45, Ndargu and  Louga 5. 

In general, the production of sweet potatoes happens throughout the year. The plant takes between 90 days and 145 days from planting to harvesting. Mainly, sweet potato harvesting takes place during the months of March-May during the summer season. Sweet potatoes are affected by cold weather. However, produce is available all year round. The plant is grown in lowland areas in Senegal.

Sweet potatoes can adapt to different environmental conditions. As a result, sweet potatoes are grown in arid and semi-arid areas acting as food sources during drought. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins B&C, iron, calcium, selenium and minerals. The high content of vitamin A in sweet potatoes has been the greatest motivation for it’s increasing cultivation across the world. Senegal sweet potatoes are eaten raw and cooked depending on the variety.

Sweet potatoes are dug right from the ground. At the time of harvest, the potatoes taste sweetest. The tuber is harvested during warm weather with utmost care not to inflict injuries that attract mould and rotting. After collecting the vegetables are dried out in warm conditions (26°C-29°C) with high humidity of 80% for up to a period of 2weeks. 

Sweet potatoes need to be cured after harvesting for the delicious flavour to set in. During the curing process, the starch in the sweet potato is converted into sugar. The sweet potatoes attain a buttery flavour and texture.

The curing process can be done by keeping the potatoes in boxes in a surrounding temperature of 15°C-23°C while covered in a piece of cloth. Cured sweet potatoes are stored at temperatures of 12°C -15°C. Sweet potatoes are not supposed to be refrigerated for long term use. 

Packaging of Senegal sweet potatoes for export is done in cartons of different weights. A single medium-sized potato weighs 150g while a large one weighs 225-340g. The major importers of sweet potatoes in the world include; the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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