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We provide high quality Ethiopia pineapple juice to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia pineapple juice from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pineapple juice in raw, undiluted or unsweetened form is available from the south environs of Addis Ababa. The juice is composed of high mineral nutrition, especially calcium and magnesium. Both teeth-enamel and bone strengthening nutrients come at between 33 and 30 mg respectively. The juice also fights off diseases due to its 25 milligrams of vitamin C which represents 30 percent (for women) and 25 percent (for men) of the daily value of the vitamin.

We source our raw fruits from pineapple growing areas of the south of Ethiopia. Family growers have just recently begun to cultivate the crop especially the Smooth Cayenne variety. There is also the Queen cultivar that has become commercially viable for juice production. Our family growers in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples region of the country grow the pineapples in plots of less than 1.5 hectares.

Before processing begins, we clean the fresh fruit to remove impurities that may hinder the actual washing. We then wash the Ethiopia pineapples in pure water to ensure there is no contamination once the peeling begins. We usually use disinfectants and food brushes to extract any clinging insects or debris. This is followed by peeling the berries to remove the tough outer skin. We vacuum pack each peeled fruit to ensure the fruit remains in a fresh condition prior to processing.

The extraction process of Ethiopia pineapple juice involves the placement of the peeled fruit into the extractor. We then apply pressure on the crushing machine to squeeze the pulp. We then put the crushed slabs onto a sieve where further pressure oozes the juice out. We collect the clear, raw liquid in a beaker beneath the machine. We usually refine the fruit no further but if you like we can add sweeteners for improved taste.

Finally, we pasteurize the filtered Ethiopia pineapple juice to remove any handling pathogens. This is done at temperatures of up to 85° Celsius. We sustain the process for between 10 and 12 minutes. After this we ready the cool juice for packing.

We also offer Ethiopia pineapple concentrate which we make by following the above basic process. The only difference is that we retain more solid than liquid content. The resulting paste is usually composed of only 27 percent water.

We pack Ethiopia pineapple juice in PET, tin or plastic bottles. Each comes with clear labels that indicates the 100 percent composition of the product. The bottles are transparent to ensure that one can see the clear, golden pure liquid inside. We then pack the 250ml to multi-liter bottles into boxes that are lined with polyethylene for preservation.

We store the pure juice under temperatures below 5° Celsius in our custom cold rooms. We also transport the product under the same conditions using refrigerated trucks. The delivery to the Bola International Airport usually takes place the same day of processing.

You can therefore request for pure Ethiopia pineapple juice from the best supplier in the region. We source our pineapples for processing from family growers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. As of quantity, you can request for the tonnage that reflects your exact needs. We also adjust pricing to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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