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We provide high quality Ethiopia honey to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia honey from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia is the largest producer and exporter of honey in Africa. Its production levels represent 25 percent of the whole continent’s supplies. The liquid gold comes from all parts of the country where there are many beehives. The major producers however, include Tigray, to the north, which has its own special type known as Tigray honey. Though the country produces 50,000 metric tons of the bee product, it only manages to export 800 tons, which reveals high untapped market potential.

Every spoonful of honey contains 82 grams of high carbohydrates or 27 percent of the daily value. It has no vitamin but compensates this with a total of 304 calories per a hundred grams. It also has no fat content, which is why honey is good for fighting cholesterol.

Honey controls various diseases due to its low fat and undiluted quality. Though very high in sugar, studies have found that honey lowers serum triglycerides in blood. This means that the glucose actually goes down rather than up. It is therefore a weight loss remedy. Because of its multiple plant nectar composition that bees collect from various plants, honey prevents allergies. Consuming the liquid gold makes a person who has been allergic to a food from a certain plant cease to be so. This is because the pollen of the offending plant composes the same honey. The body reacts by accepting the food in the future.

Our workers harvest honey under phytosanitary and protective conditions. Each worker wears head to foot PPE and special gloves for handling beehives. The first step involves smoking the beehive area to release the bees from inside. They then use crow bars to open the hives, followed by a spray of food-friendly gas to ward off any remaining of these beneficial insects. They then uncap the wax comb using sharp tools.

The next step is the extraction process, which involves the placement of a collecting drum beneath an extractor. We use the hand-cranked extraction equipment to ensure the honey is only mechanically produced. Each worker cranks the machine round to extract the thick liquid off the wax. We also use cheesecloths to seal off any clinging wax from the crystal brown honey. This can also be an adjustable width mesh that keeps off the larger materials, including impurities and wax. The viscous honey then flows gently through the mesh or cheesecloth into the collecting drum beneath the extractor.

We also process any remaining honey and wax in high quality water-bath apparatus. This refers to an indirect heating equipment that bring the moisture levels in the product to less than 17 percent. Our processing follows the same routine as the above only that the honey is cleaned throughly from the wax. Usually we melt the thick remaining by-products to produce beeswax. This is used in a number of industries.

We pack Ethiopia processed honey in crystal clear honey pots made of glass. We start with 1.2 ounces bottles that come with cork lids for enhancing the freshness of the product. We also have large corked bottles of over 16.9 ounces. Each package is wrapped carefully in poeryethelene lined cartons before shipment. If you like we also provide scooping bamboo spoons with the package made of recycled timber from the highlands of Ethiopia.

We store Ethiopia honey at temperatures between 10 and 20°C. This keeps the honey bright golden with no hints of dark tints that come only when temperatures go above or below that level. We transport the honey under the same conditions in our special transportation trucks.

If you would like to avail Ethiopia honey, you can obtain it at any time of the year as we source it from a variety of places all over the country. Our family beekeepers usually have about 1 to 5 beehives per home which means good maintenance. You can obtain the liquid gold at quantities that reflect your exact needs. Our prices are also quite fair despite the premium quality product that we market. Make an order today!

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