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Varieties Acacia senegal,Acacia seyal
Packing 50kg or 100 kg burlap bags 100kg jute bags
Storage Cold conditions, 21°C to 24°C and dry place
Size 5mm diameter for the dried ‘tears.’
Availability (seasons) Between November and March
Transportation Conditions Cold and dry conditions usually within a week
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Nigeria natural gum Arabic is also known as the ‘desert gold of Africa’ and is obtained from the branches of Acacia Senegal that belongs to the family of Fabaceae. It is naturally adapted to the hot, barren and dry conditions of northern Nigeria where it grows with minimum irrigation. It grows alongside other gum producing Acacias such as Acacia seyal

The states of Jigawa, Yobe and Borno are known to have the highest number of natural gum Arabic in the country. Close to five hundred tones of natural gum Arabic are grown in the country each year, with 66% of this production coming from the three states above. Most of the processes to prepare it for export including drying, cleaning, sorting grading and storage are done within the country with a final product often being made available for global markets.

 Natural gum Arabic is mainly used for protecting the hair against dandruff and precipitation. It also helps strengthen the root hairs and, it can be directly applied to the hair by mixing it with some water. Also, it can be consumed directly by mixing about 25g of it into a glass of warm water, drank twice a day in the morning and evening.

The main processing company for the product is located in Kano, Nigeria and can handle up to 10 tonnes a day. It is possible to find the product sold in small bottles from 100g onwards and, their popularity is based on the effect it has on the growth of hair.

A lot of rainfall is not required for it to grow as it is somewhat drought resistant. Gum production from the acacia trees is consistent after five years, although it is possible to get some gum after only three years. The gum tears can be harvested for an extended period because most trees can attain an age of 25 years.

The trees require a high average temperature to produce sufficient gum, and this is the reason why they do very well in arid conditions. The highest yields are from trees that are between 7 years and 12 years old, and they do well in areas that lack moisture and have poor soils.

The collection of gum Arabic takes place between November and May and, it is vital it is done in the dry season because it is not possible to collect the gum during the rainy season. The trees bloom during springtime in Nigeria and, during this time, no gum is formed.

On average, a single tree can provide up to 250g of gum Arabic through the course of a year. However, this can vary depending on the growth conditions of the trees and how well they are taken care of. Exportation mainly happens to markets in Europe as well as the Middle East, where the final product is sent by rail to the Port of Sudan.

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