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We provide high quality Ethiopia lemon oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia lemon oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia lemon oil is one of the most essential in the citrus family of drupes that consists of oranges and limes. The winning factor other than ascorbic is the D-limonene compound which keeps the skin in a bright wrinkle-free condition. It is one of the most famous disinfectant products from natural sources that are known to man. It is also essential as a scented product that can be used for boosting a person’s mood. There are also suggestions that the oil in vapor form can be an antidepressant.

We cold press Ethiopia lemon oil through both pulp and skin extraction process. The first one of these involves the drying of the peel. This is followed by the processing of the peel into a liquid form after the initial crushing takes place. You can use this oil to spice up your sauces and even mix with the herbal tea.

We also cold press essential Ethiopia lemon juice by just pressing the sliced portions of the fruit. We add no another ingredient to ensure it is fresh and 100% pure. Though, you may want a sweetened version which keeps the sour taste away which you can request.

We also provide Ethiopia lemon oil concentrate. The first processing stage is that of producing the oil and the juice. We then combine them to form the unrefined concentrate. It is possible to blend with lemonades and other juices that have better taste to dilute the taste.

Our other Ethiopia lemon oil product is the lemon puree. This usually consists of around 50 to 60 percent of the pulp beneath the pectin-rich white part of the skin. We only semi-process it by crushing and then pressing out the thick juicy content. You can use it for baking, diluting beverages and giving a neutral taste to frozen desserts.

We pack Ethiopia lemon oil in clear labeled 100ml to 1 liter bottles. The clear labels indicate that it is all natural. The labeling also shows the one hundred percent unadulterated and no chemical or colorant composition of the essential oil. We pack the oil in aromatherapy glass, tin and plastic bottles. We then keep these in protective cartons that have internal bags lined with polyethylene for further transit preservation. We wrap each box with corrugated binding material to reduce shakiness during the shipping process.

We store Ethiopia lemon oil at temperatures that are below 5 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the high natural components and the aroma are preserved during the journey. We also transport the lemon by-products under refrigerated vehicles that maintain the same cool, dry conditions of our storage rooms. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in a day or two depending on your part of the world.

Thus, if you are looking forward to pectin, ascorbic acid and D-limonene rich Ethiopia lemon oil, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We only obtain the raw materials from the south-west, north-west and the due south of the country, where the family growers are certified with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). You can ask for a custom quantity and we will be ready to process it specially for you. We also tailor our prices to suit your exact budget. Make an order today!

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