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VarietyForastero, Criollo, trinitorio
Packing Packed in 90 kg gunny bags, As per clients’ specification
size 1.5cm-3cm
Season March and June
Storage ConditionsStore cocoa beans in cool, dry place
Transport Conditions Transport cocoa beans temperature of 25 degrees Celsius Very low humidity
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DRC avails one of the best cocoa beans to the local and the international market. DRC cocoa beans are among the best rated in the world. 

Cocoa was introduced to the DRC in the 19th century when the country was a private colony of Belgium’s King Leopold II. The organized cocoa plantation began in the 1920-30s after DRC became a Belgium colony with plantings of around 20,000 ha along the Congo River. At this time, production concentrated in the western DRC. Coca production peaked shortly before DRC gained independence in 1960

An estimated 25 thousand hectares plant with cocoa. The country exports about 450 tons of cocoa beans annually. Export of cocoa beans gives an estimate of 50 million US dollars annually

There are two main cocoa-growing areas in DRC; Western DRC and eastern DRC in the region of Nord-Kivu and parts of Ituri.

There are three main varieties of cocoa. They include;

  • Forastero –is the most widely used. It contributes to 80-90% of the total world production.
  • Criollo-they is the rare varieties and is considered a delicacy.
  • Trinitario-is a hybrid between Criollo and forastero. It is of more quality than forester.

DRC is along the subtropics of West Africa. The country receives adequate rainfall throughout the year. DRC Cocoa is grown up to 300 m above sea level. It requires a minimum of 90-1000 mm rainfall per month with an annual rainfall of 1500-2000 mm. The plant needs equitable climate with a well-distributed rain. If the dry periods prolong, irrigation scheduling is necessary.

 DRC cocoa beans harvest start when they are fully mature. At their mature state, their colour is green, red, or purple. Harvesting occurs between three to four times weekly. They are harvest in the form of pods. Machete is used to open the pods to expose the beans. The pulp is removed and then piled in heaps, put in bins, or laid out on grates for some days. During this period, the seeds and pulp undergo sweating where the thick pulp liquidizes as ferments. Sweating is essential to keep quality and bitter taste.

The main export destinations of DRC cocoa is china and Europe. The cocoa beans are transported to the airport by van and stored in specialized warehouses in the airport of Kinshasa waiting for transportation to the international market.

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