• Somalia Myrrh Gum
  • Somalia Myrrh Gum
  • Somalia Myrrh Gum
  • Somalia Myrrh Gum

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VarietiesHerabol, Bisabol
Packing Commiphora myrrha Commiphora molmol
Storage Bottled in glass amber bottles As per buyer requirements
Size 1kg. minimum order
Season Twice annually, June to August
Transport Conditions 10-20 days in cool and dry conditions
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Somalia myrrh gum is a pale yellow liquid that has a warm-spicy aromatic odour. Locals use it a well as export it depending on the nature of demand. As much as Somaliland is a dry place, this is one of its significant agricultural products known throughout the world.

It is harvested from the species Commiphora myrrha and is native to Somalia. Myrrh resin has a long history for manufacturing medicines, perfumes and incense. It is also possible to consume it directly by mixing it into wine. It is known for hardening rapidly and, it is waxy, but, after being harvested, it becomes glossy and hard.

In Somalia, it is collected into a central warehouse where it is cleaned and graded differently depending on the purity and colour. The port city of Berbera is where they are gathered after being packaged into small amber bottles ready for shipping. Grades 1-4 are usually transported to the Gulf States and, more than 6 million kilograms are transported every year.

Somalia has two distinct ecological zones and, the growth of myrrh is dependent on the rain. In the western environmental zones, there are four seasons with most rain being received between March and June whereas, in the eastern part, there are two seasons characterized with the most rainfall during Spring and Autumn. Average temperatures for growth range between 20°C and 27°C.

The tree grows anywhere between 9 and 13 feet preferably at altitudes between 820 feet and 4,200 feet. It grows in areas of low slopes with an average rainfall of 10 inches in thin soils preferably in areas with a high concentration of limestone. The tree can mature within a season but requires several weeks of harvesting to get the final product.

Collection happens twice a year in Somalia and, the process starts when the leaves of the trees start turning brown and fall off. Special tools called mingaf help to cut circular holes in the trees and left in this state for 10-15 days to allow the resin to dry up and harden. They are then collected several times with the hole increasing in size each time a collection is made and, a single tree can yield up to 500 grams.

It is prepared for transport in a central warehouse from which it is taken to the port town of Berbera. From here, they are transported by ship to the rest of the world. Most of it is processed in other parts of the world and is transported in 25kg or 50kg bags.

Somalia myrrh gum can be found on our platform from anywhere in the world and can be bought and delivered online with ease. We are here to help you and, you have the choice of choosing the amount you need with most bottles starting from the 1kg mark.

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