• Somalia Acacia Gum
  • Somalia Acacia Gum
  • Somalia Acacia Gum
  • Somalia Acacia Gum

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VarietiesAcacia Senegal and acacia seyal
Size 2.5 to 5 cm
Season Dry season - July to September, December to march
Packing Packed in waterproof polyethene bags, 25kg or 50kgs
Storage Stored in clean, well-ventilated conditions
Transport Conditions No more than 12-14% moisture content, 89-90% moisture content
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Somalia Gum Arabic is considered a highly profitable product, perhaps because of its many uses in many different industries. Gum arabic is used in food processing as a thickening agent in icings and fillings. It is also used as a stabilizer.  The gum is also used in the printing and photography industries.

Gum arabic has a history in the ceramic industry. It has for a long time been used in making ceramic glazers. It is also used to make fireworks in the pyrotechnics industry. Its demand in the export market increases by the day, perhaps due to its diverse uses.

Each acacia tree produces different amounts of gum. The acacia tree grows to a height of between 7 and 15 meters in its natural habitat. It produces low branches and a stem that has a diameter of about 1.3 meters. 

There are quite a variety of acacia trees naturally growing in Somalia. This is mainly because the climatic conditions in the country are ideal for the growth of these trees. However, the two main types grown for commercial use are acacia Senegal and acacia seyal. The acacia Senegal variety attributes to most of Somali’s export market. This tree produces the highest quality gum in the world.

Somali is one of the greatest producers of gum arabic in east Africa. This is attributed to by the fact that acacia trees produce gum in the most adverse climatic conditions. During the dry season, July to September and December to march, there is barely enough moisture in the soil to support any form of vegetation. However, it is at this time that yield for gum is highest.

Immediately after harvest, Somalia Gum Arabic is cleaned to remove impurities that may have been picked during harvest. This is important, especially for gum that is intended for use in the food industry. It is then stored in clean, well-ventilated sheds and containers before they are packaged for marketing.

Gum is packed in waterproof polythene bags to protect it from moisture which makes it lumpy. This can be reversed but is costly and time-consuming. It can also be packed in jute bags with a polythene lining.

Gum is transported mostly by rail in transport containers or by road on trucks. The vehicles must be clean and not loaded with goods that have strong smells or that could otherwise contaminate the gum. The temperature in the container should be regulated as too much heat leads to melting of the gum leading to a reduced quantity.

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