• Somalia Frankincense
  • Somalia Frankincense
  • Somalia Frankincense
  • Somalia Frankincense

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Varieties Boswellia carterii
SizesResins 2mm-5cm
Seasons Twice annually, June to August
PackingBottled in glass bottles As per buyer requirements 50 kg bags
Storage Air-tight containers, cool and dry places
Transport Conditions 10-20 days in clean, cool and dry containers
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Somalia frankincense is a familiar product all across the world because it adds a heavenly touch to any fragrance or perfumes used for different purposes. The product is widespread throughout the world because of its importance in making odours unique and pleasing. However, little is known about the growing conditions in Somalia because most people associate the country for being dry and unable to support proper farming.

The fact remains that the product has long grown along the shorelines of the Red Sea throughout history. It has always been a vital trading commodity for communities who visit the area, and the product has spread to far-reaching areas such as in Asia. Somalia frankincense is famous in the perfume industry because of the importance of the contribution it makes towards the manufacture of these products.

In Somalia, the method of culture for its growth is wild-craft. The boswellia carterii or the frankincense tree is where the product comes from and, it is native to the country. On a lot of levels, the product is considered one of the oldest perfumes in the world and, it can be traced back through the ages.

For a long time, it was popular in religious rituals as purifying fumigation and, it has a light yellow appearance. Products are dependent on the size as well as grades as per the customer’s requirements and, it is also used in the cosmetic, alimentary and aromatherapy industries. Some of the best versions of the product have come from along the East African coastline and, it has been a tradable commodity, particularly for communities living in the Gulf States.

The product grows in the hot and dry temperatures of Somalia’s valleys and requires optimum temperatures of 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds start to sprout anywhere from one week to three months and, the tree can grow up to 25 feet depending with its use. It is a beautiful green plant that can easily be identified from other crops and, it has played a crucial role in the economy of Somalia in recent years.

The temperatures in the country are suitable for the composition of its constituents. These include alpha-pinene, limonene and alpha-thuyene. 

The method for obtaining the end product is hydrodistillation. However, it is collected when gum resin is allowed to seep out of incisions made on the tree trunk so that it can dry and harden. The solidified frankincense is collected and, impurities are removed from the hardened droplets then dried.

Sizes of the droplets can range anything from a few millimetres to an entire inch. The harvesting process begins in June and lasts through to October and the process requires a lot of labour. The product is packed in large 50kg bags and transported from the port town of Berbera to different parts of the world for processing.

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