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We provide high quality Ethiopia safflower oil to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia safflower oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia safflower oil comes from the hardy safflower multi-branched safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius). It is a vital source of oleic acid that has an ability to prevent or control heart disease. Because of its high polyunsaturated fat, the vegetable oil is good for bad cholesterol control. It features, too, in cosmetics due to its anti-inflammation properties that leads to spotless skin. It also applies in hair products for giving the hair a shine. As well as having some abilities against muscle contractions, the oil has overall benefits of boosting the immunity of an individual.

The uses of safflower range from preparing meals to drying paints. In cooking, the oil showcases a stability and good distribution with sumptuous traces in the meal. Oleic acid at 80 percent of its composition makes for a nutritious cooking formula.

We source Ethiopia safflower oil from Oromia, Amhara, Tigray and the south. This means that the northern, western, eastern and southern parts of the country are vital farming areas of the vegetable. Our dealings are only with family growers who practice organic farming methods that exclude the use of farm sprays.

We extract safflower oil through a mechanical process which differs from the refined process in that it retains the nutrients of the seed. This is why we use mechanical cold pressing of the seeds. Our warehouse team starts by washing the kernels of the seeds after sorting any debris and unwanted particles. The next step after drying is grinding the seeds between heavy steel rollers.

We then convey the oozing oil into a cylinder that has a heated distiller for collecting the pressed oil at a heating beaker. Normally, the pressure of the hydraulic press is enough to extract the oil with a precision of up to 88.8 percent. In most cases, safflower oil is extracted per seed at a maximum 30 percent of its dry matter. This means that only about 1.2 percent of the oil remains in the seed. We collect the crude Ethiopia safflower oil through pipettes to separate it from other solid particles.

We pack Ethiopia safflower oil in PET containers that range from 10 ml to 250 ml. We also keep these in cartons that can contain a total of 1 liter of the combined bottles per carton. We also have tinplate bottles that have larger capacity than plastic types and last long. All our shipping cartons are usually lined with a suitable material for keeping the product in a stable cool condition.

Safflower oil is prone to fast deterioration due to its high polyunsaturated fat composition. To avoid this, we keep it under refrigerated condition at temperatures below 5° Celsius. All our storage materials are airtight, while our warehouses stay dark to enhance the shelf life of the vegetable oil.

We also transport Ethiopia safflower oil in refrigerated trucks. We deliver the processed product within a day of processing to the Bola International Airport. You can avail it at your destination 1 to 2 days considering the distance by air.

If your are therefore seeking the high oleic acid Ethiopia safflower oil, you have got the right supplier to count on. Because we source our raw materials from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), you are assured of a pure product from organic plants. We usually offer you a quantity that reflects your exact needs. Our pricing conforms to your budget and therefore you can expect an affordable shipment. Go ahead and make your order today!

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