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We provide high quality Madagascar cotton to the local and export market. We source our Madagascar cotton from small scale family growers.

For the longest time, cotton has been globally cultivated in large scale as well as small scale sectors. Cotton was first cultivated in south Asia even though it is believed to have originated from Ethiopia. For Madagascar, the cotton industry is only being revived as it was mostly cultivated by the French settlers and as they left after independence, the production levels went steadily low.

But, lately, besides vanilla and coffee, cotton is becoming one the country’s top organic exports. This is after Madagascar was approved by former US president Barack.O approved the country’s eligibility to AGOAs benefits. The country’s textile got so much attention from foreign entrepreneurs because of its potential and climate to sustain the growth and manufacturing of the cotton. Organizations such as BCI have also come in to help improve the cotton production in the country. This is in regard to providing better opportunities, markets as well as high quality cotton.

Madagascar cotton is extensively grown by small scale farmers as well as commercial farms that grow it in large scale. Locally known as Landihazo or Hasina grows best in areas experiencing climatic contrast between the wet and dry seasons which is mostly the North West areas. It is also produced in the south east region. In 2016, Madagascar produced a total of 13625 tons of cotton with this figures expected to increase with time.

Madagascar cotton is among the best qualities globally which feels silk like. The Malagasy climate gives the country an upper hand when it comes to cotton farming as most of the cotton is rain fed. There are also sunny intervals to balance this out. More to that, cotton thrives best in warm climates. Areas such as anosey, Tuléar in the Atsimo-Andrefana region and the whole of the east coast basically.

Madagascar cotton is grown from December to February and harvested from April to July which is during the peak season. Due to the difference in planting dates, it is important to note that the Madagascar cotton is available throughout the year. For cotton to mature, it takes between 5-7 months. Madagascar is not a developed country. Therefore, the cotton is harvested by hand means. On the con side, it is slow. But, this preserves the quality of the cotton as it is not contaminated. People are able to pick only the cotton balls leaving out the twigs and dirt hence the cotton is quite clean. Also, on hand picking, the farmers only pick the matured cotton balls but machines will pick out anything. After they have been picked, the cotton is kept in bales, dry, until they can be ginned.

At the ginneries, the fiber is separated from the seeds as well as the wax coating surrounding the fiber protecting the cotton from wetness. At this point is where the grading takes place. In cotton, length is the most important determinant of quality. Simple. The longer the fiber, the higher the quality of the cotton. In regards to quality of the Madagascar cotton, among the prime reasons as to why the European and Asian merchants were attracted to Madagascar was because of the quality of the Madagascar cotton.

We export the Madagascar cotton in both its raw and processed form depending on the clients preference. Madagascar cotton is exported to the Asian and European markets as well as some African countries. Currently, Madagascar uses only 7000ha which is quite a small percentage of the total arable land for cotton production. This means that with the current trend of the small holder farmers embracing cotton farming, the country has a huge potential.

Therefore, with the growing demand for cotton in the fiber industry and Madagascar’s moves to increase their production, this would be a great place to get cotton from. Order from us today.

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