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We provide high quality Ethiopia sunflower oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia sunflower oil from family growers from the country.

Rich in antioxidant-composed Vitamin E, and high in unsaturated fat, Ethiopia sunflower oil is a great essential oil for home use. It is one of the premier vegetable oils for cooking and it is a common skincare product. Its range of medicinal qualities include a beneficial role on cardiac health due to no presence of cholesterol. In fact, its linoleum acid, which like that of fish, keeps the bad cholesterol at bay. It also has some abilities to prevent cancer due to the antioxidant action of vitamin E. Like most other vegetable extracts, it combats inflammation.

We source the raw materials for Ethiopia sunflower oil in the Great Rift Valley. We specifically have family growers in Hawassa (Awasa) city environs, around 273 kilometers to the south of the capital. The family growers in the region practice many forms of agriculture and also benefit from the volcanic soil of the region. They farm between 1 to 1.5 hectares of the land.

We extract sunflower oil through the cold pressing process. We first of all take off the hulls that enclasp the seeds. The next step involves the crushing of the seeds into fine particles. We then run the ground seeds through crushing equipment in form of metal rollers that squeeze the vital oil from the seeds.

In most cases, much of the oil in the cold pressing method remains in the fine particles. For this reason, we often opt to go for another round of cold pressing Ethiopia sunflower oil, or choose the alternative of a warm press. The only difference is that the warm press is enough to extract all the oil in one stage as it involves heat. The temperature lowers the thickness or viscosity of the stuff and it flows freely into the beaker below the hydraulic system.

We pack Ethiopia sunflower oil in diverse sizes of plastic, glass, tin and polyester lined (PET) bottles. We have the 250 milliliter version or 750 milliliter or 1 liter sizes to choose from. We usually pack them in a dozen pieces per carton that we then seal externally to keep the product free of contamination.

Our processing takes place in an ISO certified plant within Ethiopia. We also store the product under the internationally accredited 5° Celsius or below for essential oil. Our transportation mode is a custom truck that is refrigerated for keeping the product in a fresh condition a long time after it leaves the airport.

You can avail the best sunflower oil from Ethiopia by making us your supplier. We source the raw materials for the oil from family growers who have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Each of our oil comes with clear labeling that indicates the 100 percent unrefined quality. On the quantity department, we leave the choice of the particular tonnage to you as we are always prepared to process. To get the lowest priced sunflower oil in the region, make an order today!

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