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Varieties Mahogany, acacia, baobab, mmilo, kigelia, Africana
Packing In form of logs and timber
Size Per meter cubes
Season Throughout the year
Storage Store in cool, dry place
TransportTransport under a moderate temperature of 25 degrees Celsius Under very low humidity
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Botswana is among the producers and exporters of wood in Southern Africa. The country export both wood and products made from wood such as tables, chairs and cardboards. The country avails very indigenous wood t to the market, locally and internationally.

Botswana wood industry contributes some percentage to the economy of the country. The country exports wood and wood products such as wooden chairs and wooden tables. The country imports most of its sawn wood-based panels, while most of its paper products imported from the Republic of South Africa and Zimbabwe

Rosewood Botswana is the only one rosewood products manufactory in Botswana. According to the UN, about 11,351,000 ha of land in Botswana is forested. The country has a variety of flora and fauna. Botswana partner South Africa the export of wood. Botswana is also an exporter of wood charcoal.

Natural woodlands in Botswana often harvested for non-industrial purposes. Most of the wood used as fuel mostly in rural households.

Other non-industrial uses include;

  • For fencing and making fencing poles 
  • Contraction timber for rural housing
  • Handicrafts 
  • Medicines 

Several varieties of trees grow in Botswana. The main types include;

  • Mapone and matopi-the trees grow mainly in areas with plenty of water. Okavango delta swamp 
  • Baobab –commonly known as mowana in the Setswana language. The bark is pinkish-grey with a shiny tint.
  • The mmilo tree-it grows as a deciduous shrub occurring in wooded grassland and bushveld.
  • Kigelia Africana –grows mainly in Okavango delta.

Botswana is hot and dry throughout the year. The country is semi-arid due to short rain season. The country has a temperature ranging between 14-26 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The relatively high altitude of the country and its continental situation gives it a subtropical. It is hot and wet in the Okavango delta. The variable climate in Botswana facilitates the growth of the different varieties of trees.

The wood processing industry is not done extensively In Botswana. Little processing carried out for use mainly in the country. The main export destinations of Botswana wood are South Africa and Zimbabwe. The wood exported is indigenous and suitable for making furniture.

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