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VarietyAucoumea Klaineana
Packingform of wood and timber
SizeMeasured in meters
SeasonThroughout the year
Storage Store in cool dry place, avoid moisture to prevent rotting
Transport ConditionsTransport under moderate temperature of 25 degrees Celsius Under very low humidity
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Gabon is well known for the production of the indigenous tree Aucoumea klaineana. This is a commercial timber in Gabon. The country avails the best Aukoumea klaineana both to the local and the foreign market.

Aucoumea klaineana is a tree in the family Burseraceae. The tree is native to equatorial West Africa in Gabon and Rio Muni. It is the largest hardwood. It is a dioeciously, evergreen tree which grows up to a height of 60 m, has thick bark of about 2 cm.

Gabon Okoume is available throughout the year. The country has been exporting the logs of the tree for many years. Gabon exports about 1-1.4 million m3 of Aucomea klaineana annually. Export of Aucomea gives about 350 million US dollar annually.

China is the largest importer of Gabon Aucoumea klaineana with about 820,000 m3. Other export destinations include Europe, France, Asia and the USA.

Other varieties of trees in Gabon are;

There are several varieties of wood in Gabon. The main species include;

  • Afrormosia(Pericopsis elata)
  • Doussi(Afzelia bipedensis)
  • Iroko(Milicia exelse)
  • Sipo(Entandrophragma spp)

Gabon is a country in West Africa tropics. The climatic conditions of the country area are hot and humid in the river basins. Aucoumea klaineana occurs naturally from sea level to about 600 m and occasionally to 1400 m altitude in areas with a mean rainfall of 1200-3000 mm annually. In the south of the equator, the rainy season lasts from mid-October to early June, and in the north of the equator, the rains are from April to November. Okoume grows well in a wide range of acidic soils developed on various substrates. It can grow in infertile sandy soil but prefers fertile, deep sand, clay or loam soil. The climatic conditions of the country enable the growth of Aucoumea klaineana.

Only 1-2 Okoumea trees per ha usually extracted from the natural forest. The processing of the wood done in the extra 80% of Okoumea timber peeled plywood is one of the best wood for this purpose. Peeling performed with or without controlled streaming or seasoning. Streaming done to increases the quality of the product. Good quality logs are exported, or locally processed for plywood while low-quality grade ones used as sawn timber.

Gabon Aucoumea klaineana uses include;

  • Okoume one of the best timber spices for plywood.
  • Made into block boards, particleboard and veneer, and widely used for boat building for decorative interior applications
  • The wood is also suitable for light contractions, carpentry, furniture, sports equipment etc.
  • Logs traditionally used to make canoes

Processed wood then transported by railway and designed trucks to the port of Libreville ready for export.

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