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VarietiesCarob honey, Lavender honey, Thyme honey, Caper honey, Eucalyptus honey
Season July-August
Packing 25kg buckets or in barrels,250grams, 500 grams, 1kg mason jars
StorageAway from direct sunlight, 11-22 degrees celsius,
Transport ConditionsIn vehicles with open compartments Room temperature 11-22 degrees celsius
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Morocco is well known for its quality natural honey worldwide. The honey is natural as it is not processed in any way. Inzerky apiary, found in Argana, Morocco happens to be the largest and oldest collective beehive in the world. It is one of Morocco’s leading source of best quality Morocco natural honey.

A significant number of the hives in this apiary are made from reed cylinders that are covered in clay. Constructed back in the 1850s, the hives have been restored a number of times. Most of the hives in this apiary are owned by different owners (around 250 owners owning 15 to 25 hives each). The surrounding neighbourhood is made of small scale beekeeping farmers.

These beekeepers use traditional methods to extract the honey from the hives. Most of the farmers do not need any protective gear because their bodies have grown immune to the bee stings. Some can sustain up to 30 stings without being affected.

Apart from the apiary, other sources of Morocco natural honey include the carefully selected native eucalyptus forests and the wild bees of the Atlas mountains. There are also small scale farmers who indulge in beekeeping and honey farming.

The honey is mostly harvested when there is relatively low humidity or no rains so as to reduce the moisture content in the honey. When taking the honey to the extraction room or place, the supers containing the honeycombs are transported in vehicles with open compartments to avoid any contamination on the honey. It also helps in maintaining the hygiene of the product.

Once the honey is harvested, it is packed in buckets or barrels. It can also be packed according to client requirements. Honey that is meant for export has to meet the requirements and set regulations as well as have the necessary certification.

The export of natural honey from Morocco has increased significantly over time as well as the demand. According to the country’s annual international trade statistics, as of 2018, Morocco was exporting more than 56MT of honey compared to what was being exported in 2017.

Morocco honey is known for its benefits, quality and smooth taste.  Among the benefits is treating coughs or sore throats, used in cosmetic products or as a sweetener in various pastries and treats. It is a sweet remedy for many things.

In Morocco, natural honey accounts for a significant part of the exported produce. Some of the nations that make part of the market for the natural honey from Morocco include France, Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Korea, among others.

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