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We provide high quality Ethiopia palm oil to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia palm oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia palm oil constitutes vegetable oil that comes from the fruit’s mesocarp layer or kernel in-between the innermost layer containing the seeds and the outer layer containing the shell. Palms grow in the heart of Gambella, the South Nations and Nationalities Peoples Republics and Oromia zone. Though most production comes from large plantations, our sources are family growers who own between 1 and 1.5 hectares of land. The farmers depend on rain and practice organic production methods.

The oil is good when consumed as a vegetable fat. It has 245 percent saturated fat and almost no other nutrients. It also contains antioxidants against inflammation. However, some sources point that it may cause inflammation if it is refined and loses its key ingredients. In refined form, the product features in margarine and other commercial foods.

We process Ethiopia palm oil by cold pressing using a screw extractor. The first step involves the cleaning of the palms off any impurities. The extractor also contains separators and magnets that pick off any leftover metals and other lees.

The second step is the crushing of the kernels into small pieces. This takes place through the steel rollers that subject each kernel into small particles. These then go into the roller mill which creates similar sized flakes. Its mechanism is not breaking the piece but sizing it along the edges as it rolls from up to down. We ensure that each flake has a thickness of no more than 0.4 millimeters.

The third process of Ethiopia palm oil extraction process is that of screw-pressing. The flakes first go through a roasting process at temperatures below 110°C to remove any water remaining. We ensure that the saturation level is less than 2 percent which is internationally recommended. The flakes then pass into the screw press which squeezes them and expels the oil into the beaker. The crude liquid then passes through a clarification filter to sieve it from impurities. We then ready the oil for packing when it is unrefined.

Our packing process for Ethiopia palm oil takes place after the the extract has cooled. We provide jerry cans (mostly yellow colored) in 10 to 25 liters for the large packets. We also offer moderate volumes of 4 liters. These come in carton boxes with a capacity for 20 liters. Our smallest packages of 500 milliliters PET bottles are available in 24 bottles per carton.

We store palm oil from Ethiopia at below 40°C. We transport it at between 30 and 35° Celsius. The oil is perhaps the only processed product that needs the same storage temperature as the heat level on the earth’s surface.

If you are seeking the best Ethiopia palm oil from a small enterprise that produces it in-house, then you have got the right supplier. Since our palms raw materials come from family growers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications, you will always avail high quality products. Our quantities are flexible to suit your tonnage. The same applies to our fair prices which we customize to your budget. Do make an order today!

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