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We provide high quality Ethiopia molasses to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia molasses from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia molasses come in the form of unrefined blackstrap. This indicates the highest quality sugarcane by-product after the raw sugarcane itself. Unlike home sugar which has only energy, molasses has all minerals including iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It also comes with a generous quantity of vitamin B6. Its medicinal uses include the control of constipation, migraine and low iron in blood that causes anemia. While it is a vital product for strengthening bones with it lush calcium and magnesium, its potassium mineral keeps electrolyte levels in blood at optimum. It also fights obesity.

We source the raw materials of Ethiopia molasses in the sugarcane belts of the country. We select family growers with at least 1.5 hectares of land under the crop. The Wonji region in Oromia, central Ethiopia is the main source of our sugarcane. The area also has a sugar refinery factory.

We process molasses from Ethiopia in three key steps. The first one is that of cutting off the debris and leaves of the raw fresh sugarcane. The older the cane is, the higher quality the stuff becomes. After this we wash the immaculate canes in free flowing water to remove any further impurities.

The next step of processing Ethiopia molasses is that of crushing the cane. The juice that comes out of the kneading with mortar and pestle is usually colorless or yellowish. We then pour the resulting juice, which is actually raw unrefined sugar into a pot. We heat it to the boiling point. The heating is necessary for the formation of crystal sugar, which is the very first hint of molasses. It is notable that due to the low boiling heat, much of the sugar is still in the solution.

Then comes the final stage of Ethiopia molasses extraction. This involves the cooling of the thick juice in a refrigerator for a 12-hour duration. By this time, it will have attained a cool temperature of 10° Celsius, which is the storage point of many other plant juices like castor oil. We then put the molasses into a pot to boil further. This time the sugar evaporates leaving a great, sour tasting paste. This process still keeps some of the sweetness but leads to the final thickness level you see in molasses packets.

We also opt to process the molasses further to make it black and thicker than before. This time all boiling takes away the sweetness and leaves the mineral-rich bitter taste with a little hint of sugar in it. It is this medicinal stuff that we then pack for export under the name of blackstrap molasses.

We pack Ethiopia molasses in 5 gallon drums. We also offer 6-liter packets made of plastic. The sizes can go above or below these custom measures if you request specifically for adjustment. We place the bottles in cartons that are sealed completely before labeling.

We store Ethiopia molasses in temperatures of between 10 and 20° Celsius prior to shipment. We ensure that the bottles are airtight and well corked to keep the product as fresh as when we processed it. Our transportation department handles the by-product in refrigerated trucks to keep quality at optimum en-route to Bola International Airport.

If you are eager to forgo sugar in favor of medicinal Ethiopia molasses, then you have got the best supplier. We source our sugarcane from the heart of the country where the farmers grow the canes under organic conditions. We also stock the quantity that you would like to avail of above 1000 liters. We also offer special prices for this medicinal product to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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