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We provide high-quality Rwanda wool to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda wool from family herders in the country.

Rwanda wool is the product of the fleece of the sheep of the country, which thrives on the high plateaus. Rwanda has a relatively small flock of around 371, 766 sheep using 2017 census. The main wool production area is Western Province, particularly Rutsiro district. Here, the main breeds are merino and other long-fleece sheep. There are many shearing centers, some of which the government runs.  A typical sheared sheep offers between 1 and 14.5 kilos of wool annually.  The main use of the fleece is the production of knitting fiber. While most herders wait for their flocks to come of age before shearing can start to maximize on the surface area under fleece, others slaughter their livestock to obtain skin leather free of the wool.

We source our sheep for shearing Rwanda wool from Rutsiro and Nyagatare, among other parts of the country. Nyagatare’s sheep population is 1.5 percent of all livestock numbers there. Most family herders of long-fleeced breeds keep less than 50 heads at a go.

We conduct thorough health check up on our wool-bearing sheep before availing them from livestock farmers. We obtain authorization from the Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services and the Rwanda Agriculture Board. We also coerce with the Ministry of Health for further guidelines.

We shear the wool of the sheep by the use of long shears. Our expert team uses the cutlery carefully to reduce damage on the long fleece and not injure the animal’s skin.  We keep the shorn fleece in clips constituting more than one sheep’s output.

We then sort the Rwanda wool by the length of the fibers, the color and the thickness. The finest grade usually has long fibers on its fleece. This wool is also clear, thick-textured, clean and uncontaminated with stains. All white fleeces automatically make it to the finest grade. Its ease of dyeing makes it attract higher rates than other colored alternatives.

We cull colored Rwanda wool in another pool. This lesser quality bale goes into the local market for reselling. All of the bales come raw without any form of processing to attract market advantage. We reserve it dry and under the shade to keep its sheen.

We pack Rwanda wool in bales, also known as pools, by grade. Packing only takes place after the pressing of the bales into tight, non-inflated portable sizes. Our basic unit of a small bale measures 70 x 70 x 98 cm cubic. We use nylon as the ideal packing material or HDPE. We sew the labels on the walls of each bale with the details of the name of the wool, the sheep breed, the net weight and the country of origin. After labeling each pack, we put it into a large bale where it joins 49 other similar-sized bales. We secure the enlarged bale with tape and other strong material to make it taut for secure delivery.

We store the raw Rwanda wool in a cool, dry environment away from light. This helps to maintain color and freshness especially for white fleece.  We transport the bales on the same day of packing by our large special trucks. The delivery from Kigali International Airport makes it to your city in a day or two after departure.

This is, therefore, your perfect moment to try natural fiber from animals reared on the high plateaus of the Great Lakes region. Indeed, our long fleece Rwanda wool comes from agricultural backgrounds in the west, where family herders strictly attend to animal health needs. We also keep the quantity intact by producing more than enough bales for export and resell demand. You are rest assured that we tailor our prices to your budget as our fleece is always affordable. Make an order today!

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