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Varities Gum Arabic Talha, Gum Arabic hashab
Packing 100kg drums
Storage Room temperature
Season October, November
Transport Conditions19-25 degrees celcius, no moisture
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The Niger natural gum Arabic is harvested from the wild trees in Niger. Gum Arabic is a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of various tree species and is soluble in water, edible and used in the food industry as a stabilizer. It is also used in manufacturing black ink used in printing, paint production, glue manufacturing and as a binder for watercolour painting due to its great solubility in water.

Gum Arabic was discovered in Niger by the Arabs in the 19th century, since then it has been a significant source of income to the Nigeriens.

Gum Arabic is grouped into two wide varieties.

  1. Gum Arabic Talha: It is a yellowish-brown substance in its solid form. It is brittle and breaks easily when dry into siftings and dust. It has no smell and has astringent taste. Gum Arabic Talha has a moisture content of less than 15 % and is mostly used for the production of printing ink, paint, in soft drinks, to manufacture medicinal capsule shells, glue and cosmetics.
  2. Gum Arabic hashab: This type of gum Arabic is pale white in colour and less soluble in water compared to Talha type. It is mostly used to manufacture food items such as gelatos, marshmallows and candies. It is also used in the food industry as a stabilizer and even in the beauty industry to make cosmetics.

Mature gum tree grows up to 6 metres in height. They have a lifespan of up to l25 years. The gum floes naturally from the bark of the trees in the form of a thick frothy liquid. It is hardened by exposure to the atmosphere. Hardened gum is collected in the middle of the rainy season. Harvesting is done once a year beginning in October and November. To accelerate harvesting the gum from the trees, incisions are made on the branches weeks ahead of harvesting. After 3 to 8 weeks, gum starts collecting on the wounds. Gum droplets known as tears are up to 3 cm in diameter. Raw gum Arabic is odourless and has a stringent taste. Harvesting is done manually. An average gum tree yields up to 10kgs of gum Arabic per annum. The highest yields are achieved between 7 to 12 years.

After harvest, gum Arabic is cleaned to remove impurities such as sand and pieces of bark. It is then sorted to different grades according to its colour and percentage of impurities. It is then packed into 100kg jute bags. Semi processed or unprocessed gum Arabic is exported into plastic-lined drums. Gum Arabic has a long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place of around 20-24 degrees Celcius.

Niger exports most of its natural gum Arabic to Europe. European traders play a significant role in the global gum Arabic trade. For instance, in 2015,80 % of the total gum Arabic from Niger was imported by Europe only.

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