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We provide high quality Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil are three by-products of healthy wholesome citrus fruits that we process in extra-virgin form. The unrefined oil, puree and concentrate come from all parts of the fruit apart from the seeds. Most people use the juice and pulp combination either as whole drinks or as part of commercial products such as jam and jelly.

Each cup of puree and concentrate from Ethiopia orange oil comes fully loaded with vitamin A, C (in form of ascorbic acid) and thiamin. Other nutrients include dietary fiber for good digestion and potassium for enhancing the electrolytes in blood. There are also extra nutrients like flavonoids that combat degenerative diseases. Magnesium and other minerals are also present in the puree and oil forms.

We source and harvest Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil-producing fruits from the south, the volcanic south-west and the northern west parts of the country. We use phytosanitary means of harvesting the fruits before carting them away for production of oil, juice, concentrate and puree.

We cold press raw and dried oranges for three purposes. The first one is the production of the fresh puree or juice. We process the puree from healthy whole oranges. We first of all slice them before crushing them. After separating the juice, the pulp remains in a thick pureed form. It is usually 50 to 60 percent of the total content of the drupe.

You can use Ethiopia orange puree either for direct intake of the high vitamin C supply or for packing food. For instance, commercial foods usually contain a marginal content of puree, usually indicated in the label of especially baked products. It also appears in desserts in frozen form.

In dried form, the extraction of essential oil or pectin from the peel serves as the main mode of processing. We cold press oranges to remove orange oil under a mainly mechanical process. We first of all remove the oil-containing peel from the fruit. We then dry it so that it can be used separately from the pulp which goes into puree and juice production. We then pierce the peel or cold press it. After passing the mashed peel into the hydraulic container, the minimal oil settles as sediment at the bottom.

You can use Ethiopia orange oil from the peel for marinating cereals and the preservation of spices. It is also commonly applicable in keeping baked products in a good condition. It also applies in sauces as well as herbal tea.

We also extract Ethiopia orange concentrate that serves as a healthy dose for an afternoon summer. The process involves just the combination of oil from the washed and dried peel, the fresh juice of the wholesome, healthy fruit and the unrefined orange pulp. We only cold press the juice with no addition of coloring. Though water is a vital component of the orange concentrate, we only add it at a minimum level that keeps the content about 99 percent wholesome.

We pack Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil in custom bottles of between 250 ml to 1 liter. We then put them into boxes that come with polyethylene bags within them for preservation purposes. Each package has clear labeling of product type, the processing date and the percentage of each ingredient. The ingredients are usually 100 percent only orange, with little or no water.

We store cold pressed orange puree, concentrate and oil at temperatures that are below 5 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the ascorbic acid and other nutrients stay unspoiled as they do above that temperature. Even the transportation of the orange by-products takes place through refrigerated vehicles that conserve the original farm fresh condition of the fruits.

If you are therefore in need of extra virgin Ethiopia orange puree, concentrate and oil, look no further than from us. We source the raw material from the heart of the south and the north where family growers have a record of growing citrus fruits under organic conditions. You can order a tonnage that suits your needs because our prices are quite affordable. To make an order, just contact us today!

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