Kenya herbs and spices have constantly helped to demonstrate that just as icing is to cake, so is herb and spice to food with many more added benefits. Herbs and spices are the corner stone of cooking; they are planted, nursed and tendered to fill their respective role in aroma, food taste and human health.

Selina Wamucii takes pride in the care and attention given to our specially selected Kenyan herbs and spices from cradle to point of harvest. In addition, we process and package the best (usually all that comes out of the farm) for export. All our herbs and spices originate from plants: seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, and roots.

Herbs and spices in the kitchen have many health benefits, besides the obvious role of improving the taste of so many foods. The unique thing about Kenyan herbs and spices is the fact that they serve their purpose really well because they are grown organically, properly harvested and well packaged.

Kenyan herbs and spices are the best in the world. Known all-over and treasured in every household, they are grown organically under one of the rarest climatic conditions in the world; their value to meals is simply enormous.


Selina Wamucii exports all the common Kenyan herbs and spices including;

Turmeric: A great addition to soup with cancer-fighting compounds, also with the ability to reduce inflammation and improve joints.

Cinnamon : A great anti-oxidant with blood sugar and blood triglyceride level reducing ability.

Ginger: Powerful at preventing nausea and vomiting.

Garlic: Full of anti-cancer benefits.

Cayenne pepper: Effective at increasing blood circulation and reducing the risk of heart problems.

Selina Wamucii grows and exports all these lovely Kenya herbs and spices plus many more. If you care about your herbs and spices being organically grown under the best supporting climatic conditions, to give you all the nutritional and health benefits with the food aroma you always love to have, then look no further. Selina Wamucii is the unmatched exporter of Kenyan herbs and spices. Choose Selina Wamucii for all your favourite herbs and spices from Kenya.