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We provide high-quality Rwanda thyme to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda thyme from family growers in the country.

Rwanda thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an aromatic herb from a garden plant that also serves as a spice. It comes from the related families of oregano as well as mint, and thus its inviting aroma. During its growth phase, the plant is evergreen and bears pale-green leaves. The foliage is star-shaped and sprouts from sprigs that make enough room for the pairs of leaves and flowers. In the marketplace, sprigs in bunches of ten make the main displays. They are either available fresh or dried.

The original home of thyme may have been the Mediterranean, especially Egypt. Greek and Roman traditions inspired the use of the plant for the showcase of bravery. Romans, especially, made use of the plant to improve the taste of vegetables, flavor whiskey and enhance cheese.

Eating food cooked with thyme provides ready protection against illnesses: the plant comes with 266 percent value of vitamin C. The vitamin A levels are 95 percent per serving, good enough proportions for promoting eye health. The margin of calcium which keeps teeth enamel in good condition is 40 percent of the daily needs. The recommended daily amount of chronic disease-fighting iron mineral is 97 percent. That of vitamin B-6 for cell metabolism is 15 percent while digestion-enhancing dietary fiber is present at 56 percent in each serving.

We source Rwanda thyme from the north-eastern region of the country. Here, family growers cultivate it next to other herbs. They use organic means including farmyard compost to enrich their fields. They also abstain from the excessive use of pesticides to reduce residual level buildup.

We do the harvesting of Rwanda thyme during the early hours of the day. We target just before the onset of flowers as by now the leaves are tender, aromatic and sizable on the toughened sprigs. Our experienced farmhands slash the main stem just beyond the first bud. This consideration ensures that the plant will experience regrowth soon.

We then take the Rwanda thyme harvest to the drying shed with the twigs still intact. We hang them upside down under low humidity conditions. We maintain drying warmth of just around 10 degrees Celsius.  This enables the produce to stay at least seven days so that by the time of removal it is fully moisture-free. After this, we use manual means to carve out the foliage from the sprigs. We put the dried leaves in airtight containers.

We pack Rwanda thyme in modified humidity cartons to preserve the famous flavor and color. We put bunches of between 10 and 12 leaves in clamshells, polyurethane sleeves or jute bags for moisture conservation. We then insert the bundles in cartons.

We store Rwanda thyme at the average temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. We maintain a cool, dry environment throughout the storage period. By using vented bags and sealed wrapping materials, we prolong the shelf life of the herb from just 2 weeks to 1 month.

We transport the thyme cargo to Kigali International Airport through our special trucks. The refrigerated trucks establish contact with the airport expeditiously to minimize delay of departure. From here the cargo will make it to your destination in 24 to 48 hours.

Whether in roomy jute bags, environmentally-friendly clam shells or convenient cartons, our packed Rwanda thyme is a wise choice for you. We only source the herb from family growers with less than 2 acres of land. We also keep track of the quantity to appeal to your exact tonnage request. Besides, our prices are quite fair and competitive. Make an order today!

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