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We provide high-quality Rwanda eucalyptus to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda eucalyptus from family growers in the country.

Rwanda eucalyptus is the herbal extract of the leaves and bark of the tallest flower-bearing plant on the planet. The tree’s main commercial use is the production of timber but its other uses are as important. One of these is the harvesting of vibrant flowers which range from red to blue, cream to yellow colors. The twigs make wreaths for the display of other flowers. It is however not the cupped flower cone but the herbal leaves and bark that have made the plant essential.

Rwanda plants eucalyptus in small woodlots on a rotational basis. The main water catchment areas where the trees grow include Busoro and Butare. Both are in the Southern Province.

The original term of eucalyptus derives from the Greek for ‘something covered well.’ It implies the cupped flower covering. Like in many other regional countries, this tree which is native to Western Australia has become a common sight due to its invasive nature.

We source Rwanda eucalyptus from the Southern Province. Most family growers have at least five trees per acre of land, near sources of water. It is common to find the tree in embankments that help to prevent erosion. On our part, we go for family sources that do not use chemical sprays and instead rely on farmyard manure and mulch as a soil enrichment.

We harvest Rwanda eucalyptus when the tree is around five years after planting. By now the bark will have developed a thick skin. We wait for between 1 and eight weeks for the leaves to alter their color. We then cut off the tree at the trunk base for the production of wood, biomass production from the bark and oil extraction from the leaves. After chopping the wood into sizable chips, the wood is separated from the bark while the leaf-containing twigs go to the processing point.

We use the steam distillation method to produce oil from Rwanda eucalyptus. We pass the leaves through a shredder that turns them into small bits. They then go through a press that squeezes oil from them which collects into a condensation system. The condenser separates oil from water. The oil collects in a beaker while the debris of shredded leaves goes into a collecting point for other uses.

We pack the fresh Rwanda eucalyptus byproducts including oil in PET bottles or aromatherapy grade glass jars. We offer small measures of around 250 mg and large ones of 1 l capacities. We harbor the bottles in corrugated cartons for ease of handling and safety. We stick self-adhesive labels featuring the name of the product, the packing date, the net weight and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda eucalyptus at relatively warm temperatures of just below 5 degrees Celsius. This temperature provides stable results and prolongs the shelf life of the oil.

We transport the cargo to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing via our special trucks with modified environment interiors. You can expect the cargo to reach you in the next one to two days after dispatch.

In short, if you are after a potent herbal remedy, then our Rwanda eucalyptus is worth your interest. We source it from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. Because this is an herbal extract, we handle the barks in a phytosanitary manner by gloved workers at our packing stations. We maintain a quantity that reflects your exact needs by being in regular contact with our farmers for surplus production. We seal the deal with very competitive prices that reflect your budget. This is why you should make an order today!

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