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We provide high-quality Rwanda sage to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda sage from family growers in the country.

Rwanda sage (mainly the Salvia leucantha species) is one of the common herbs that are even available around the capital, Kigali’s environs. The country grows the Mexican variety of the plant.  It comes with gray-colored leaves that sprout from the stalks of this woody plant which grows to a height of 60 centimeters. One the most common uses of the herb is as a tonic, a tradition that goes back to Roman times. As such, it helps increase urine release in people suffering from kidney conditions and acts as an anesthetic. As a spice, the leaves flavor stews, roasted meat and cheese. Its taste is sumptuous with a hint of pepper behind it. Among its aromatherapy uses is in the making of sage essential oil.

Sage ranks as perhaps the most nutritious herb if the balanced, over-the-top nutrients are anything to go by. For instance, calcium which supports teeth enamel health is available at 165 percent per serving. Equally high is iron which prevents chronic diseases at 156 percent of the daily requirements. Magnesium comes in at 107 percent of the daily needs, a good enough margin for keeping the bones healthy.  The daily value of vitamin B-6 is 135 percent which is a good proportion for keeping cell metabolism going for daily bodily functions. Vitamin C is available at 54 percent of the daily value, essential for disease control. There is also a dietary fiber margin of 160 percent, more than enough to prevent indigestion.

We source Rwanda sage from various parts of the country including Kirehe in Eastern Province and Kigali. We only make contracts with family growers who have less than 2 acres of land which they maintain with well-rotten farm compost. They also do with little or no application of pesticides to bring down residual levels to less than 0.01 percent.

We harvest Rwanda sage when the plants have gained a mature green hue. By this time the plant has attained its full size of 0.6 meters high. Our well-trained team dons gloves and uses garden scissors or snippers to snap off the leaves with the stalks intact. If a bunch of leaves is mature, the workers simply cut them at once. Otherwise, they pick each single leaf and bypass any that is immature for the next harvest in 2 months’ time. They then collect the harvest in baskets and deliver them to the packinghouse.

We grade Rwanda sage by the size of the leaves after we have sorted debris and extracted the stalks. This applies to the fresh and dry leaves. We opt to dry the superior quality foliage (if you request) by hanging it upside down in our cold room. We detach stalks and other clinging foliage to maximize on the surface area for drying. We then preserve the dried leaves in vacuum-sealed boxes before packing.

We pack Rwanda sage as either fresh or dried leaves. We tie the fresh ones into bunches of between 10 and 12 sprigs for every package.  We insert these into jute bags or even clamshells before they feature into corrugated cartons. We end up by sticking self-adhesive produce labels inclusive of the name/cultivar, the packing date, net weight and the source.

For the dried leaves, we use airtight packets that contain the leaves as either foliage, sprigs or crushed powder. We also label them appropriately to indicate the unprocessed form of the produce.

We store Rwanda sage at the temperature range of between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius.  This gives the produce a shelf life of between 3 and 4 weeks.  We maintain a relative humidity of 95 percent.

We transport Rwanda sage to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing. We use custom vehicles with modified environment interiors to maintain freshness up to the delivery period at the airport.

In short, whether you want it fresh or in dried form, you now have premium quality Rwanda sage right from family growers.  We source it from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family sources. We maintain your quantity by sourcing the produce early in the season and directing our family growers to produce a surplus. We also keep the prices quite affordable to meet your budgetary requirements. Make an order today!


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