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We provide high-quality Rwanda garlic to the local and export markets. We source our raw fresh Rwanda garlic from family growers in the country.

Rwanda garlic (part of Allium sativum species) or tungurusumu in Kinyarwanda is one of the significant spices that make up the onion family.  It is mostly white with the characteristic cloves that form bulbs in allium members. The crop thrives on a pseudo-stem or sheath with beautiful flower heads. It features a pinkish white flower cluster with some whitish petals. One of the main varieties is the single-clove type while the other is multiple-clove.  China is home to the single-clove type with some 80% of production levels worldwide.

The native home of garlic was Central Asia where the plant thrived in wild form. It spread from Afghanistan, northern Iran and Egypt to other parts of the world.

Garlic is a common spice in, especially Asian dishes. In raw form, it enjoys use as a fresh breath and nausea-killing remedy. Regarding nutrition, the white cloves contain mainly minerals led by manganese for strong bones at 3 percent per serving. The proportion of calcium which assists in teeth enamel health is 1 percent. There is also a 2 percent margin of vitamin B6 as well as a similar level of vitamin C. The crop has little fat and no calories, which make it a weight management option. In crushed form, it is a potent antibiotic courtesy of the Allicin extract. Besides, its juice helps to heal acne.

We source Rwanda garlic from Musanze district in the northern parts of the country. Here, our family growers cultivate it next to kales and onions. They retail it in the nearby markets and deliver the surplus to Kigali. They grow the crop on less than 2 acres of land and maintain it by farmyard manure with little or no chemical application.

We harvest Rwanda garlic after it has been on the farm for nine months. We use experienced workers to start digging out the bulb after the onset of wilted leaves. Our team goes for well-rounded roots, sometimes half-visible underground below the yellowed foliage and fallen pseudo-stems. They use garden forks to pry out the bulbs and take care to keep them bruise-free. The final step involves carting off the produce to the packinghouse.

After delivery to the packing area, we cure Rwanda garlic by stringing the bulbs upside down in an interior environment. We keep the temperature ambient at 27 degrees Celsius. Give or take, the curing process requires two weeks. We then trim the foliage, stalks, and roots. We remove any of the dirt in the roots before packing the produce.

We use cartons, trays and mesh bags to pack Rwanda garlic. To retain the naturally pungent odor of the bulbs and overcome rot, we keep the bulbs well-ventilated. Our mesh bags, cartons, and trays provide flexible packages. The smallest ones weigh just 2.2 kilos. The others weigh 4.5 kilos. The largest has a capacity of between 10 and 13.6 kilos. After checking correct packing and the excellent condition of the bulbs, we stick self-adhesive labels of the name of the cultivar, the net weight and the date of packing alongside the country of origin.

We store Rwanda garlic in the temperature margin of between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. We retain a moderate relative humidity that helps to cure any minor injuries on the bulbs’ skins. Most importantly, we retain a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment within our warehouses.

We transport Rwanda garlic courtesy of our trucks with a modified interior environment to the airport in Kigali. The delivery reaches your destination in a day or two after dispatch depending on your part of the world.

Thus, availing Rwanda garlic would be your best way to enjoy the multiple uses of this spice-cum-herb whether as a tea additive, herbal skin remedy or just a raw spice. You are assured of fresh quality from the fact that we avail the produce from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We maintain good rapport with our farmers so that they can produce a surplus to settle your exact quantity request. We tailor our prices to your budget so as not to break the bank. Make an order today!

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