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We provide high-quality Rwanda red chili pepper to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda red chili peppers from family growers in the country.

Rwanda red chili pepper (one of the ripe varieties of Capsicum frutscens and Capsicum chinense) is a red-colored pepper that grows green before ripening into scarlet hue. It is a high capsaicin type that can reach a level of 350,000 Scoville heat units (SHU).  It has a number of varieties including cayenne, habanero and bird’s eye. They all like it best in dry areas, with well-drained soils if they are to develop their high capsaicin content. Rwandans call them puwavuro in Kinyarwanda or pili pili in Swahili. One of the most popular exports of chili from Rwanda is a by-product of the pepper, namely Akabanga oil. It helps to make for spicy meat, eggs, bacon and even cassava for locals and international buyers alike.

Growing mainly in Eastern Rwanda, the crop first came to the coast of East Africa in the 16th century courtesy of Portuguese explorers. The chili pepper itself was first domesticated 7500 B.C. in the Mexican and South American old civilizations. Cayenne remains one of the first cultivars and remains popular.

A chili pepper meal is quite healthy despite the intense heat of the spice. The red pods come with a vitamin C daily value of 173 percent, more than enough for curing diseases. The vitamin A concentration goes down to 6 percent, just enough for keeping the eyes healthy. This is complemented by 5 percent worth of the daily needs of beta-carotene. The level of vitamin B-6 is around 39 percent of the daily value.  The mineral department is headed by potassium which comes in at 7 percent of the daily needs while bone-strengthening magnesium stands in at 7 percent. The spice is also a source of water at 88 grams.

We source Rwanda red chili pepper form Eastern Province. Our farmers in Bugesera district own less than 2 acres of land which they cultivate using farmyard manure as soil enrichment. They also employ the low use of chemical sprays to reduce contamination.

We harvest Rwanda red chili peppers when they have attained a firm pod exterior. By now their colors will have turned partially red over the pre-maturity green. We cut the pods at the stalk end and retain an inch or so of the handling end.

After the harvest, we dry the chilies by hanging them upside down. We do this in less humid but mildly hot interior conditions. After the curing period, we sort the pods by their sizes. The smallest go under the label Small. We also have Medium, Large and Extra-large sizes. We only retain pods that are firm, mature but not overripe and with no wrinkles. There are some exceptions where we reserve wrinkled ones because they are naturally that way.

We pack Rwanda red chili peppers by the size criterion. The Small graded pods go into 1 1/9th bushel size boxes in the count of 90 pieces per box. Medium graded pods go into similar-sized boxes in the count of 75 to 85 per box. Large graded pods feature in the count of between 45 and 55 pieces. We finalize the packing phase by sticking the appropriate labels of the name of the produce, the packing date, the source and the net weight.

We store Rwanda red chili peppers in a cool, dry environment that reduces dehydration. We maintain cold temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius. We also keep the room dim to retain the color of the pods which may discolor from light effects. We transport the cargo to the airport in Kigali via our refrigerated vehicles expeditiously so that the cargo will reach you in a day or two.

Therefore, if you are after a great capsaicin-containing spice, do not hesitate to contact us about Rwanda red chili pepper. We source the pods from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Besides the quality guarantee, there is also quantity promise as we strive to meet your needs by directing our farmers to grow surplus. On top of that, our prices are irreproachably low as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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