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We provide high-quality Rwanda cumin to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cumin from family growers.

Rwanda cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a drought-resistant herb that also acts as a spice. In Rwanda, it goes under the Swahili term of binzari especially when used together with rice. It is among the most nutritious herbs out there with around 350% of iron, a nutrient that promotes oxygen transportation in blood. The physical appearance of the 30-centimeter high plant includes a few flowers that sprout directly from it. The blooms are pink or cream in color. The plants bear pods with seeds that measure 5 mm in length. Each pod has but one seed which serves as additives to cooked food.

The first use of cumin in the world dates back to Syria around 4000 years ago. Archaeological evidence shows that the plant may have thrived here in that ancient period. The crop may have come to Rwanda through the Belgians.

The consumption of cumin on a daily basis provides a ready supply of iron at 368 percent of the daily value. This is good for keeping the brain healthy, preventing chronic diseases and maintaining less toxic blood. The other high mineral is calcium which is available at 93 percent of the daily value. The level of magnesium comes in at 91 percent. Dietary fiber, important for digestion, is present at 44 percent of the recommended daily amount. Vitamin B-6 on its part comes in at 20 percent, a good enough margin for cell metabolism functions. This is also an energy source with 14 percent of the daily needs of carbohydrates.  The level of vitamin A is 25 percent of the daily requirements.

We source Rwanda cumin from family growers in the southern part of the country. We only interact with sources with less than 2 acres of land. They manage the land with farmyard manure and reduce the application of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda cumin when the pods have turned into a brown color. We look for firm fruits which our workers test by clasping by hand. If after the test the pod releases its seed easily, then it passes as ready for picking. We cut half a dozen stems in a single slash of the sharp knife. Immediately after all the pods are harvested, we deliver them by baskets to the drying shed.

Before cleaning the harvested Rwanda cumin, we dry them by hanging them upside down in sheds. It takes a few of days for them to be dry and ready to pack. We then thresh and wash the seeds. We pass them through a device that cracks them and the threshed seeds move on through the conveyor to the cleaning machine. We maximize the results by maintaining at least two passes for the seeds to be clean. We usually expect an oil content of 36% per seed once it has gone through this phytosanitary routine.

We pack Rwanda cumin after cleaning them. We use gunny bags of 20-kilogram net weight. We also have 50-kilogram larger bags. Alternatively, we offer flexible sachets with a capacity of 15 kilograms and above. We finalize the packing process by indicating the produce name or variety, the date of packing, the net weight and the country of origin on the attached label.

We store Rwanda cumin in a cool, dry interior environment at the basic temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. We keep the produce free of contaminants or discoloration by storing it away from other produce away from the sun.

We transport the cumin cargo to the airport in Kigali by our special trucks with modified environment interiors. You can expect the consignment to reach your destination in one or two days after the date of dispatch.

We are therefore your one-stop source of everything Rwanda cumin. We source the produce from family growers who are certified with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We maintain hygienic handling to reduce contamination throughout the packing and post-harvest handling period. We obtain the produce in the right quantity by having a surplus. We offer the produce at the most affordable price as we align it to your budget. Make an order today!

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