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We provide high-quality Rwanda green chili to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda green chili from family growers in the country.

Rwanda green chili (Capsicum annuum) is the green form of the chili pepper and as such has lower intensity levels than its ripened berbere form. It is an everyday staple in Asian homes and has also begun to make an impression in urban curry making within Rwanda. Whether in use in cut portions or as stew curry powder, it is a favorite food ingredient. Though it can derive from any variety of chili peppers, the most common of these are bird’s eye berbere, which turns red when ripe. The green variation, however, undergoes harvesting while still immature and thus the term ‘green chili.’ In size, the pods depend on the cultivar and are typically 5 cm in length and 3 cm wide for the habanero type. The crop came to Rwanda after its arrival on the coast of East Africa in the years 1500 to 1700 A.D., via Portuguese explorers.

Green chili is not just spice for making tasty curries but a vitamin-and mineral-rich food. It has 239% proportions of immunity-giving vitamin C.  Its vitamin K amount is 8.9%, a good enough margin for helping in blood clotting. The magnesium level, essential for bone formation stands at 5%. The vitamin A margin is 19%, a good volume for nurturing eyesight. Vitamin B-6 tails off with about a quarter of the daily requirements or 25% per serving.

We source Rwanda green chili from family growers in the country who mostly cultivate the African green bird’s eye cultivar and habanero. In unripe form, this green variety has half the heat levels of its ripe counterpart.  Both bird’s eye and habanero are high capsaicin varieties but only when past their green immature stages.

Our family growers of Rwanda green chili cultivate only from the best-certified seeds to boost plate quality. They own an average of 1 to 2 acres which they efficiently manage with farmyard manure.  They also maintain every natural element including pungency by reducing the use of contaminating agents like pesticides.

Our harvesting process for Rwanda green chili begins at the early stages of the pod development. We go for tender-skinned and not fully developed green pods measuring 5 cm long. There are two approaches during each of our harvests: the first one is for picking pods for processing canned food. These are usually green, flat and low in seed content. The second is for table-ready pods which have more developed and slightly bloated pods. We pick these at dawn and finish before the midmorning to reduce a sharp rise in internal heat levels which multiply the heat already found naturally within the pods. We place each shipment in a shaded venue to reduce the heating effects.

We then pre-cool the fresh Rwanda green chili in the space of one hour after the harvest. This brings down the heat level from the peak of 32 degrees Celsius. We proceed to grade the selections, with the best quality making it to the No. 1 grade. We relay the graded pods to washing bins where we soak them in chlorinated water, rinse and pack them.

We pack Rwanda green chili in 15-kilo capacities which can also be termed as 30 pints. Our main produce boxes are 1.3-bushel size cartons. We feature film linings inside each of the cartons for dehydration-free storage. For major harvests, we go a step further and use waterproof freezer bags that maintain the right temperature balance. We finish the packing phase by attaching the labels of name/cultivar of the spice, the net weight, and the source.

We store Rwanda green chili at 0 degrees Celsius. This is after the produce has gone through pre-cooling and then washing. We relay it into a packing bay in the same pre-cooled condition. Finally, we store it at this near-freezing temperature in our cold room.

We transport the cargo on the same day of harvesting via our pre-cooled special trucks. We usually give a grace period of a day or two from the dispatch date from Kigali airport for the consignment to reach your destination.

We are therefore well-equipped to provide you with fresh quality Rwanda green chili right from family sources. We keep the quality the priority by partnering with only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers to cultivate the crop for us. At the same time, we keep surplus each season to meet your exact tonnage needs. We also maintain competitive prices that match your tight budget. Make an order today!

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