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We provide high-quality Rwanda bitter gourd to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda bitter gourd from family growers in the country.

More common as bitter melon, Rwanda bitter gourd (Mormodica charantia) is a fruit-like herb that not only pickles meals but serves as medicine. The medicinal extract comes from not only the stem but the flowers and the roots. Two parts are edible: the leaves act as vegetables during infancy while the melon itself appears in meals in chopped pieces. Indeed, the fruits may serve as whole food on their own rather than side dishes.

The first area of the world to grow bitter gourd was southwest India around 1st millennium B.C.  It then went to China in the 1300’s A.D., and from here to the rest of the globe including Africa.

The bitter gourd has vitamin C content of around 92%. It comes with a vitamin B-6 concentration of 40% of the daily requirements. It’s vitamin A level is 48% while that of magnesium for proper bone development is 23% per daily serving. The dietary fiber margin comes in at 7%, a good enough proportion for proper cell metabolism. The plant helps to keep the stomach free of disease, prevents cancer and helps to treat diabetes. Its other uses include curing cold and flu and as a laxative agent.

We source Rwanda bitter gourd from various parts of the country including the north and the east. We liaise with family sources with less than 2 acres of land. They manage their fields with farmyard compost instead of commercial fertilizers and forgo the use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda bitter gourds in the second month after transplanting them. We follow a twice-a-week format to pick the half-ripe and still firm fruits as they mature. The green pieces go on to ripen organically during storage. We start the harvest by cutting the fruit with garden scissors and retaining one inch of the stalk at the fruit’s base. We put away the fruits in basket loads away from the direct sun during the harvest. We then cart them away to the sorting bay.

We begin sorting Rwanda bitter gourd immediately after delivering them at the warehouse. We look for green-colored, sizable and blemish-free fruits. We do not keep any yellow-colored or softened pieces. We also cull out all fruits with any sign of disease or are immature to prevent contamination of the healthy ones.

Our best grade features the biggest-sized pieces with firm texture and clear-toned skins. We clean these with damp cloths that we first make damp and then use to wipe the pieces dry. Our team of workers wears gloves when putting them into bins and from here into the packing area.

We pack Rwanda bitter gourds in cartons of 13.5 to 14-kilogram sizes. Each carton comes with film linings that keep the produce well-hydrated during the transit duration. We, first of all, wrap each piece in a wool-soft wax paper to reduce friction during transit. We also employ plastic produce boxes for large deliveries.  All our packages come with clear labels that we stick on the top sides of the cartons. They include the name of the produce, the net weight, the packing date and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda bitter gourd at the temperature of between 0 and 1 degree Celsius. We keep the produce in a cool, dry environment free of sunlight.

We transport the bitter melon cargo via our refrigerated trucks from the farm and the packinghouse as expeditiously as possible. This means that the packages will reach your destination from Kigali International Airport in the next 24 to 48 hours after the dispatch.

In short, if you are after one of the best known mormodica family crops, then our Rwanda bitter gourd fits the bill. We source it from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. We extend this quality promise by exercising phytosanitary handling of the produce to keep it fresh during the post-harvest period. Our delivered quantity always matches your tonnage request as we always direct our family growers to grow surplus. Our prices are fair and very competitive. Make an order today!


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