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We provide high-quality Rwanda aloe vera to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda aloe vera from family growers in the country.

Rwanda aloe vera is one of the few plants that come with medicinal and therapeutic properties from especially the semi-arid areas. The plant doubles as a houseplant and a source of medicine. This is due to its thick foliage which acts as a source of sap for treating wounds, healing skin conditions and for making beauty lotions. In Rwanda, the plant which goes under the local name igikakarubamba grows next to sisal in mainly the north-east.

The first application of aloe vera in folk medicine dates back to 3600 years ago but it was in use in Egypt as cave paintings show as early as 6000 years ago.  It then started featuring in making packed foods such as yogurt and soft beverages in modern times. For long, the extract from the plant has helped in the treatment of glaucoma as well as multiple sceloris although it has some side effects if taken in excessive doses.

We source Rwanda aloe vera from the dry parts of the country especially eastern and northern regions. We only deal with family growers who own less than 2 acres of land that they cultivate under farmyard manure as the choice of fertilizer for soil enrichment.  Our sources also make little use of chemical sprays to reduce contamination.

We harvest Rwanda aloe vera when it has reached maturity. The shortest vines measure about a foot in length while the longest is four feet long. We usually go for large, blemish-free leaves. We use sharp scissors to slash the leaf’s stalk from as near to where it meets the stem as possible. The strategic cut helps to drain the yellow liquid from the leaf after which it can dry naturally. We then store the harvested leaves in a cool, dry place before further processing.

We then carefully wash Rwanda aloe vera leaves in purified water. We buy fresh paper towels that help to wipe the produce dry. We start processing by peeling the outer skin of the leaves to expose the sticky, fluid or gel inside. We put the clear sap in vacuum-sealed jars before we can export them.

We pack Rwanda aloe vera in the form of gel cubes inside glass jars. There are also flexible containers with a capacity for between 300 ml and 1 l. We include clear labels on the airtight jars indicating the components of the gel, the manufacturing date and the country of origin. We also feature the name of the product on the jars next to our logo.

We store Rwanda aloe vera in the temperature of an average 0 degrees Celsius. This gives the product a 30-day grace period while it retains full freshness.

We transport the aloe vera cargo to the airport in Kigali on the same day of receiving it in the cold room. We use refrigerated vehicles that keep the produce free of contamination and heated up throughout the transit period. You can obtain the cargo in one or two days after dispatch.

We are therefore your assured provider of Rwanda aloe vera right from family sources in the land of a thousand hills. We obtain the produce from family growers who offer quality guarantee by growing the crop in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. We keep the quantity high by having our family growers offer surplus. We also maintain a low price that ensures that you only buy from us at a rate that matches your budget.  Make an order today!

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