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We provide high-quality Rwanda geranium to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda geranium from family growers in the country.

A popular ingredient in perfumes, Rwanda geranium (Pelagonium graveolens) is one of the unique produce that comes out of the land of a thousand hills. Not only does it make essential oil and perfumes, but serves as a culinary accompaniment.  In appearance, many varieties of the plant look crane-like with the curved petals that hold the purplish, pinkish, bluish or whitish flowers above them. The leaves are also almost circular. The plant grows from cuttings of old stock. It is home to both the highlands of the tropics as well as the temperate parts of the globe.

This crop has been of importance to Rwanda since colonial days. Belgians brought geranium to the country as a source of essential oil. It is now a popular herb in southeastern parts of the nation.

We source Rwanda geranium from the popular Gahara area in Kirehe and other parts of the nation such as Gasabo. We source the plants from family growers who have less than 2 acres of land which they maintain under farmyard manure and little or no use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda geraniums around four months after their transplantation from the nurseries. We do the picking of the leaves when they have turned a light green color and the flowers have just begun showing. We also expedite the process for the seed harvest to prevent their bursting and spilling from their ‘cranebills.’ The ‘cranebill’ is an alternative name of the plant which describes how the curved flower heads reach maturity and disperse their seeds naturally into the environment. On our part, we cut the stems with the seeds for threshing the seeds manually. The aromatic leaves also feature in baskets for transportation to the packing shed.

We process Rwanda geranium when the lemon-smelling foliage has been bunched into little mounds. We wash them and then take them to the distillery. Each cutting then goes through a curing process or sun-drying to help naturally vaporize the oil content. We keep them in the field or under a sun-exposed wire rack for the next one to two days. We can expect around 30 to 50 kilograms from each hectare worth of the equivalent geranium oil.

We pack both fresh leaves and processed Rwanda geranium. For the leaves, we pack them in bunches of a dozen or two dozen cuttings wrapped in plastic sleeves in cartons. For the oil, we use large drums with a capacity for 200 liters per package. Most of our drums are metallic, preferably lightweight but sturdy aluminum or plastic. We attach produce labels on each carton or drum, descriptive of the produce or byproduct, the packing date, expiry date (for the oil) and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda geranium at 7 to 10 degrees Celsius under cool, dry conditions. For fresh cuttings, we hang them upside down at the same temperature for preservation during the temporary storage. We transport them to the airport in Kigali under similar modified environment conditions courtesy of our special trucks. The cargo makes it to your destination in the next one to two days after dispatch depending on your part of the world.

Therefore, look no further than our Rwanda geranium supplies if you are after a sweet-smelling herb with many aromatherapies uses. Whether the common or new variety, you now have it straight from Kirehe and other parts of Rwanda. We only source the herbs from family growers who grow them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions.  We keep the quantity exact as you request by having a wide network of family sources that produce a surplus. We also maintain prices that are both fair and affordable. Make an order today!

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