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We provide high-quality Rwanda cardamom to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cardamom from family growers in the country.

Iliki in Swahili, Rwanda cardamom (E. cardamom) is one of the most popular herbs not only in this nation but across the world. In appearance, the 12-feet high plants develop pods that are in the shape of triangles. The stalk-hanging multiple pods hold seeds that have spicy content. They are featherweight and have a leathery look. The seeds on their part are dark in color. One plant can produce five kilos per harvest. In Rwanda, the plants thrive mostly in the Ruhengeri Prefecture where women groups cultivate it.

Cardamom has been in use since 1200 A.D. in Sri Lanka as a spice.

The primary nutrients in cardamom include vitamin B6 or folate at 10 percent.  Protein which helps in bodybuilding is present at 22 percent in each serving. This is an equal portion as carbohydrates whose 22 percent daily value margin makes this an energy-giving produce. Potassium, which controls blood pressure, is available at 31 percent. The margin of vitamin C follows in the daily amount at 35 percent. Calcium, a mineral that supports teeth enamel growth is 38 percent of the daily amount. The second highest nutrient is magnesium with its bone-strengthening qualities at 57 percent. The dietary fiber level enjoys a high margin of 112 percent of the daily value.

We source Rwanda cardamom from Ruhengeri and other parts of the country. Our family growers own less than two acres of land. They maintain their land with farmyard manure and use chemical sprays sparingly.

We harvest Rwanda cardamom by uprooting it in its entirety. This is true of the green variety. After the removal of the capsules or seeds from the pods right at the farm, we thereby expedite the threshing process. We shake off the seeds off any soil particles that may have come from the roots. We then keep the produce in gunny bags for carting away to the packing shed. In all, our harvesting period can last for five months, at short intervals of picking until all pods are over.

We sort Rwanda cardamom by the healthy, blemish-free appearance of the seed capsules. We then put the capsules into soda solutions for ten minutes to keep the highly valued green color intact. We then take the produce through a washing phase in chlorine-added water to leave a glossy, green finish.

We then grade Rwanda cardamom based on the green color, with the greenest selections making it to the most excellent quality.  We use other less superior pods into the second and third grades. All discolored, split and malformed seeds do not feature in the export packages.

We pack Rwanda cardamom in gunny bags that we buy new for the purpose. We maintain a weight capacity of 25 kilos. Each bag features polyethylene linings in its interior to extend the shelf life of the produce. The bags come in waterproof quality which makes them usable for a long time without exposing the produce. We indicate on the produce labels the name of the cultivar, the packing date, net weight and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda cardamom at a base temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. We retain a moisture level at a basic 8 to 12 percent range. The relative humidity clocks at between 72 and 85 percent. We keep the packed produce in designate cold rooms during the temporary storage in dimly-lit but well-ventilated conditions.

We transport Rwanda cardamom immediately after packing on board our refrigerated trucks. We give a grace period or 24 to 48 hours between the departure date and the arrival of the cargo in your city.

We are therefore your exclusive provider of Rwanda cardamom straight from family growers in the Great Lakes region’s country. We ensure all the herbs are of exceptional quality by sourcing them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales. Regarding quantity, we stick to your requests by directing our sources to provide a surplus in each season. As of rates, we offer very affordable prices that we tailor to your budgetary needs. You can start by making an order today!

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