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We provide high-quality Rwanda cypress to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cypress from family growers in the country.

Rwanda cypress is a temperate climate tree that has become exotic in many parts of East Africa because of its timber and herbal qualities.  It is quite a common sight in many homes in the cooler parts of Rwanda, especially on the hedges. Among its main characteristics is a signature smell that is quite strong. The tree comes from the wooded prefectures of the country that grows pine, cypress, eucalyptus and other timber-producing trees in thousands of acres. The main producing areas include Kayonza district. The production of cypress essential oil from the bark of the tree takes place through the steam distillation method. The resulting liquid commonly features in the treatment of coughs and other related diseases.

The origin of cypress is from a family of conifer-bearing family of plants in northern Europe. Evidence points to the evolution of the tree over 150 million years ago before the formation of the current continents of the world. It was present in a landmass known as Pangea millions of years gone

The health benefits of taking essential oil from cypress include relief from muscle and joint pain. It is also a potent remedy against poor blood circulation. It is also a popular cough remedy for people suffering from the flu.

We source cypress from Kayonza district, among other parts of the country. Our family growers mainly keep an average of five trees in each hectare.  They maintain their trees with mulch from fallen foliage or manure as natural fertilizers. They also grow legumes in the farms to keep nitrogen reserves in the soil. They rarely use chemical sprays but instead employ traditional pest-eradication methods.

We harvest Rwanda cypress by pruning the twigs or branches. These then go into the cutting blocks for chopping into small portions. The cut pieces then feature into distillation boxes. Steam distillation which follows leads to the evaporation of the oil. We then condense the vapor to separate the oil and water content. We keep the cooled oil in beakers ready for packing.

We pack Rwanda cypress in the form of oil in bottles of 250 ml to 1 l sizes. We also have giga-liter drums that provide enough room for multiple-tonnage hauls. For the small packages, we pack them in the form of 12 bottles per box. We stick produce labels inclusive of the name of the by-product, the packing date, the country of origin and the net weight.

We store Rwanda cypress at the base temperature of 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain cool, dry conditions throughout this period to preserve freshness and keep the product free of contamination. We also transport it at the same temperature to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing. You can expect the packages to reach your destination in the next 24 to 48 hours depending on your part of the world.

Therefore, we are your one-stop-source of Rwanda cypress especially in the form of oil straight from our family growers. Our farming partners maintain the proper growing conditions for the trees by following Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. Our processing follows phytosanitary methods as we not only sanitize the tools but ensure that our workers wear proper PPE, including gloves. No matter the tonnage that you request, we supply it by having surplus throughout the order period. Our prices, too, are among the lowest in the regional market. This is why you should make an order today!

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