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We provide high-quality Rwanda rosemary to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda rosemary from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is among the most aromatic herbs in any garden with equally recognizable evergreen, thin shredded leaves. The plants come with purplish-pink flowers and emit a pleasant scent. The plant’s thin foliage resembles that of hemlock. The woody stem supports stalks from which the leaves and colorful flowers sprout. The leaves are the major spices from the plant and they help to spice roast meat. The flower’s calyces and the stalks make for medicinal products.

Rosemary, aptly named ‘dew of the sea’ in Latin comes from the environs of the Mediterranean. Being native to warm weather, the crop does well even in the tropics. It is also resistant to both extremely cold and hot spells.

We source Rwanda rosemary from family growers at the Gahara prefecture in Kirehe in the eastern parts of the country. The produce comes from family growers who have less than two acres of land. They keep their plants healthy by maintaining little or no use of chemical sprays. They also use farmyard manure for soil enrichment.

We harvest Rwanda rosemary when the sprigs have reached 8 inches in height. This means that the leaves will have attained maturity. We cut the stems three or four inches from the top. We use garden scissors to pick the rest of the leaves that cling to the stems. We then bunch them into little bundles that will be easy to dry. This is a preliminary measure before we can extract oil from the leaves if needed.

For the drying of the leaves of Rwanda rosemary, we use wire racks or hang them upside down in an interior environment away from the sun. We do not dry the ones going into the market fresh. After the drying phase, we tie the leaves into bundles for further processing.

We pack the fresh Rwanda rosemary in 12-leaf bundles. We also have a portion of double that leaf arrangement that constitutes 24 leaves apiece. We put the leaves in half-bushel size cartons that have film linings in their interiors for preservation. We finalize by attaching labels that indicate the name of the produce, the packing date, the net weight and the condition (fresh or dried).

Our dried Rwanda rosemary comes in airtight, bulk cartons. The basic capacity for these is 25 kilos. We also have woven fiber bags that provide natural aeration to the produce during transit. We offer sachets measuring 250 grams with dried leaves, leaf-containing sprigs or ground powder. All our packets feature appropriate labels of the source, name, cultivar and the destination.

We store Rwanda rosemary at 0 degrees Celsius. We do this immediately after the harvest is over for the leaves that go into the market fresh and after drying for the cured leaves. We keep the relative humidity at 95%. These modified environment controls preserve the produce in a fresh condition for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

We transport Rwanda rosemary at this same temperature on the same day of packing. Our refrigerated trucks bring the produce to Kigali International expeditiously so that the cargo will reach you by air in two days’ time.

We are therefore your number one regional provider of the aromatic Rwanda rosemary straight from family growers in the East African country. The produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. Thus, no matter your requested quantity, you are assured of quality. We also keep the prices low to meet your budget line. Make an order today!

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