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We provide high-quality Rwanda parsley to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda parsley from family growers in the country.

Rwanda parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a plant that serves as an herb and also a spice. It has thin, serrated leaves that serve as meal pickling. It comes with flowers that have symmetrical crowns that spread like mats upon thin stalks. To use it, people grind it into powder and then sprinkle it onto food. The plant first grew in Southern Europe under the Mediterranean climate thousands of years ago. From here it spread to other countries where it grows as a commercial herb.

Eating parsley in meals offers more than two times of the daily requirements of vitamin C at 221% per serving. Iron is another major nutrient available in the produce at 13% of the daily needs. It helps to transport hemoglobin in the blood. Iron is available at 34% of the daily value while dietary fiber for improved digestion is available at 34% of the daily value.

We source Rwanda parsley from Burera district in the northern part of the country. Here, our family growers cultivate the crop in manageable plots of less than 2 acres. They grow it next to other herbs and spices like celery and a sprinkling of leafy greens like cabbage. They maintain their land with farmyard manure and spare on pesticide application to keep the fresh quality.

We harvest Rwanda parsley by cutting the crown with scissors. We slash the stalk with the leaves intact at the place where the crown with leaves begins. To expedite the harvesting process, we cut the plants’ leaves of adjacent plants at once. We then deliver the leaves before the onset of the sun to the packing bay.

We sort and grade the young leaves of Rwanda parsley at the warehouse or if possible right at the farm. The longest leaves that have no sign of disease or discoloration form the first grade. The short ones with similar superior quality form the second grade. We cull any yellowed foliage but keep the stalks intact for ease of handling. We put the leaves in bunches of 12 at a time and then insert them in polythene sleeves. We then bind the bundles with rubber bands awaiting their delivery to the packinghouse.

We pack Rwanda parsley immediately after harvest in the farm area or at our cold room after all sorting and grading routines are over. We use flat cartons with film lined interiors for packing purposes.  We start with a basic weight measure of 2.2 kilos but this can go to the bigger measure of 4.5 kilos. We finalize with the placement of top ice to help maintain the coolness of the produce. We also label the content by the cultivar’s name, the net weight, the source and the packing date.

We store Rwanda parsley under international standards in a cool, dry environment. We maintain conditions of 0 degrees Celsius and do no go beyond 2 degrees Celsius. We minimize storage with other kinds of produce to reduce rot or contamination.

We transport Rwanda parsley on the same day of harvesting at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. We convey it to the airport via our trucks with refrigerated interiors. You can expect the cargo to make it at your destination on the same day or a day after that.

In short, if you are after an exceptional spice from the highlands of the Great Lakes region, then you have our quality Rwanda parsley to count on. We source the herbs from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family sources who maintain at least two acres of land. We keep contact with farmers who can bring residual levels to less than 0.01 percent by the low use of chemicals. Regarding quantity, we tow the line by having a surplus each season to meet demand. Our prices are unquestionably affordable as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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