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We provide high quality Ethiopia marjoram to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia marjoram from family growers from Ethiopia.

Both a spice and a medicinal herb, Ethiopia marjoram (also known as Oregano), has many uses. In fresh form, it serves as a garnishing for meals while in dried form its is processed into medicine and essential oil. The crop is available in Ethiopia as both sweet or golden varieties.

There are tens of uses of marjoram essential oil. Either as a product for providing relief against spasmodic joints or as a digestive to improve food breakdown in the intestines, it has been in use for centuries. It is also associated with abilities to fight virus, bacteria and other pathogens. Concerning the latter ability, its extract features in many herbal antiseptics. In medicine, the marjoram essential oil has been included in laxatives and sedatives.

Each content of the unprocessed marjoram herb provides about 459 percent of iron, which easily replicates cow milk. It also has 160 percent of dietary fiber, which makes it a major digestive. With a zero percent cholesterol, the herb has a positive effect on the heart. With its 60 percent vitamin B-6 content, it keeps the metabolism process in an optimal condition. Its 85 percent composition of vitamin C of the daily value keeps the body free of disease.

We source Ethiopia marjoram from the heart of the southwest where most of the spices of the country grow. We only deal with family growers who have organic farming records and have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Each farmer has at least 1 to 1.5 hectares of land.

Soon after harvesting Ethiopia marjoram, we pack the leaves in tight formation inside airtight packets to conserve it before final packing. We then cart it way to the warehouse for sorting and grading.

We pack fresh marjoram leaves in green grey cut that is quite elegant in bunches. We pack it in polypropylene bags of minimum 20 kilograms though this can go lower per your specifications. We keep each bunch of leaves under plastic covering inside the packing cartons. This ensures that they do not suffer dehydration during the shipping process.

We also pack it in 25 kilogram custom craft bags that are woven in perforated fiber. In form of dried leaves, you can receive the content in 30 gram sachets or even any other packing size per your request. We label each package carefully mentioning the net weight and in case of processed content, we mention the 100% extra virgin marjoram components.

Like other herbs and spices, we store marjoram at freezing point of around 0° Celsius. This keeps it in a well hydrated condition that also extends its shelf life from 14 to between 21 and 30 days.

We transport the fresh cut, dried or essential oil of Ethiopia marjoram in refrigerated vehicles. Each package leaves the Bola International Airport on the stipulated date of due delivery. You can therefore expect the package to reach your destination while still in the original condition we pack it in a day or two.

For further information about this essential herb-cum-spice, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We source the marjoram raw material from the southwest of Ethiopia where farmers grow it under organic conditions. Each of our family growers or farming cooperative has a Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification. You can specify any quantity parameter and we will be flexible enough to provide it. We will also justify your choosing us by extending the most competitive prices in the region. Make an order today!

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