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We provide high quality Ethiopia thyme to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia thyme from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia thyme (Thymus vulgaris), which has the local name of Tossegen is one of the most favored salad and dessert dressings of all the regional herbs. The medicinal plant is common in meat dressing, vegetarian cuisines and even its droplets feature in herbal tea. Its greatest attribute, perhaps is the marinating quality of adding flavor and aroma to popular dishes. Two ounces of tossegen in Ethiopia cost around $4.95, indicating a premium herb. The crop first appeared in literature in Egypt where the locals embalmed bodies with the herb.

We source Ethiopia thyme from the central region of the country in the Jimma Zone. The plant grows under natural and irrigated conditions. We only source from family growers who plant each crop at temperatures above 20° Celsius and can thrive in even arid conditions under well-drained soils. Our family growers cultivate under cooperatives that provide them with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates.

The culinary uses of thyme do not end at the plate. One of its best known alternative uses is as a typical medicinal potion for overcoming stomachache, whooping cough and diarrhea. It has also been a very common remedy for reducing bedwetting in especially children due to its diuresis abilities that boost urination during the day.

We harvest Ethiopia thyme at dawn when the temperatures are yet to rise. This reduces the cooling requirements which might go below freezing if the herbs are affected by high temperature during picking. We also cool certain types of the plant under forced air and vacuum packaging. We cut the leaves of the plant carefully under gloved hands to minimize physical blotches on the delicate leaves and thus improve the grade of the plants.

We pack thyme in controlled humidity cartons. These feature polyurethane or aluminum folio linings to preserve the color, aroma and taste during the transit to the destination. We keep the leaves in bundles inside other packing materials with roomy interiors such as clamshells. Each bundle in form of a bushy bunch can consist of 10 to 20 leaves.

We store fresh thyme at temperatures of around 0° Celsius. We also prolong the shelf life from the basic 14 days to between 21 to 30 days by keeping each bunch in well-sealed packages.

We transport Ethiopia thyme under modified temperature vehicles. Each truck comes with an onboard cold room that keeps the temperatures between 0 to 2°C. Due to our quick dispatch from the Bola International Airport, you can expect the shipment to reach your destination in as few as one to two days after dispatch.

If you are seeking an aromatic green herb from the heart of Eastern Africa, then you have got the right supplier. We source the produce from only farming belts where the family growers are certified with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We maintain good standards including size that reflects that of international stipulations. Our prices are among the most competitive in the region and reflect your budgetary needs. Make an order today or get in touch for more information!

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