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Kenya Herbs & Spices provides the best Kenya ginger at fair prices, all sourced from family growers in Kenya.

Nothing indeed tastes better than a meal spiced up with fresh, juicy ginger from Kenya. Apart from its sweet pungent taste coupled with a mouth watery perfume scent, ginger serves as an antioxidant that features many health benefits. With such versatility, it is hard not to fall in love with ginger. This is a must have ingredient in every chef’s recipe, specifically Kenyan ginger.

Where can I find authentic Ginger? The secret of making mouth tantalizing meals lies in using true and authentic spices. Kenya is known for its authentic herbal spices with ginger being a top in this category. The Kenyan climate sets a perfect platform for producing the best variety of ginger, befitting consumption both locally and globally.

What sets Kenya ginger apart from the rest? Ginger from Kenya features plump and unblemished roots. This is quite different from many strains which are coupled with wrinkled roots. A wrinkled root equals a tough, fibrous type of ginger. This is not the best type of variety as it is quite hard to peel and lacks the natural juiciness of fresh ginger.You do not have to settle for less! Choose the better option; the plump unblemished strain of Kenyan ginger. If you are keen to surprise your customers with a top notch cuisine coupled with a sweet hint of lemon and pepper flavor, go for Kenyan ginger. Each consumer gets the added advantage of improving their overall health.

Ginger from Kenya is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are capable of improving one’s immune system. Ginger is usually considered a “super food”. The worthiness of that name is only attained from using the best of the best.

Ginger that comes directly from Kenya Herbs & Spices is for those who prefer nothing but the best: we source it only from reliable family growers at its most natural and fresh.  By choosing to buy from us, you are making a safe decision because we guarantee the highest quality of Kenya ginger.

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