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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya chora to the local and export market. We source our Kenya chora from family growers in Kenya.

Kenya chora derives from the Indian subspecies of the Angelica family of herbs and spices, going by the name Angelica glauca or choraka in the Indian tongue. It is a perennial plant that grew in the wild first in the northern hemisphere before finding widespread cultivation in temperate climates from around 1885.

The basic uses of Kenya chora are not limited to medicine, which is its main reason for growing: it also serves as an aromatic herb commonly in use in aromatherapy. In some European societies, the seeds and the roots are crushed to produce an aromatic oil that can feature in gin, lending it a spicy quality.

In some societies, the plant acts as an edible delicacy especially the wild plant known as celery. In the Far-east, chora also serves as a delicacy particularly its roots. In other parts of the world, especially Europe, the roots with their succulent matter serve as food while the stalks turn into medicinal use. The shiny greenish stems of the plant are also essential ornamental material for cakes especially in festivals. This does not leave out the rather practical aspect of using the angelica stem as a cultural instrument in Lapland.

The medicinal use of Kenya chora is mainly around curing both open cuts and internal bleeding to improve the healing of the affected parts. In its smoked form, chora has, for long, served as a traditional cure by Red Indians in the United States for giving relief from flu and lung problems.

The Kenya chora plant thrives in the highlands where there are relatively cool environs. The plant can reach as high as 3 meters, bearing as it grows huge bisected leaves that are given beautiful relief by lime white flowers.

If you are seeking a plant that serves as a great stimulant, and provides a natural cure for dyspepsia as well as constipation, then you have Kenya chora. With its aroma, it can spice up the whole neighborhood. Talk to us today at Selina Wamucii.

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