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Selina Wamucii is your go to provider of Kenya saffron from versatile family growers in Kenya. We serve both the local market and the export market. There is no spice as exceptional as Kenya saffron. Its aroma is haunting, its distinctive flavor so enriching and earthly yet noble and subtle. It straddles both sweet and salty perfectly, and leaves behind a remarkable golden hue on every food it graces. A small pinch of Kenya saffron will transform any dish into something special, giving an X-factor to everything from fish stews to risottos to milk pudding and rich curries.

At Selina Wamucii, we guarantee a supply of high quality, flavorful natural Kenyan Saffron. This we do by utilizing both traditional and modern techniques to achieve the highest degree of pure saffron both for local consumption and export.

Although there are several countries that grow and export saffron, Kenya saffron is well known for its quality. There are subtle variances between spices, but an expert cannot miss to detect the color and flavor brilliance of saffron grown in Kenya. Additionally, Kenya saffron just like its Spanish and Indian counterparts is well known for its coloring, flavoring and medicinal properties. Treasured all over the world, particularly by medical and culinary experts, saffron has numerous functions.

Selina Wamucii offers the best saffron from Kenya, a spice so valued in almost all international cuisines – an indispensable ingredient! And as you order from us, just remember that ‘He who controls the spice, definitely controls the universe.’

Choose Selina Wamucii for high quality Kenya saffron.

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