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We provide high quality Kenya tarragon at fair prices to all our clients. Our Kenya tarragon is sourced from family growers in Kenya.

With the advent of healthy and organic living, the inclusion of natural herbs in our dietary regimen has become increasingly popular. Tarragon is one of those herbs whose regular intake is known to curb off a number of numerous diseases and illnesses, not forgetting its major role in the flavoring of foods and increasing appetite.

Kenya Herbs and Spices, a member of Selina Wamucii,  is here to fulfill the increasing demand for Kenyan tarragon herbs, ready to source them for you from the fertile farms of family growers. If you are a herbs distributor, you can count on us for a reliable supply of tarragon from Kenya.

Our Kenyan Tarragon is the true mark of quality and fair pricing, arguably the best in the market. Our fast and timely delivery of this culinary and medicinal herb is the icing on the cake.

Tarragon is an exquisite herb which offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it alleviates appetite and adds sensory flavor to foods. Scientific studies show that it is a poly-phenolic compound which has the advantage of lowering blood sugar while its antioxidant properties prevent ageing. Being an excellent source of minerals like iron, manganese, magnesium and copper, which aid in various metabolic reactions, it is definitely a plus when included in the diet.

Kenyan tarragon stands out among the rest, importantly because it is grown in the rich, loamy volcanic soils of the Kenyan highlands. It receives consistent and fresh supply of clean water from the streams of Mount Kenya, keeping the quality at the top. Kenya’s warm sunny weather allows it to bloom to world-class quality.

Kenya Herbs & Spices is proud to deliver in time and quality. And you are assured of exceptional service, plus the highest quality of fresh tarragon at fair prices.

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