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Welcome to the home of Kenya coriander. A flower and a herb. A rare quality to have in a plant. Not only do you get to see the beauty but also experience the aroma and unequalled taste when spiced to food. An appeal to your eyes and an exotic aroma and taste put in one plant. As our customers around the world have come to discover, coriander from Kenya isn’t just a plant just as a shovel isn’t just a big spoon.

Selina wamucii kenya fresh coriander

Coriander is a spicy leafy plant which is used as a herb. In its fresh state it is green in colour, has a pleasant fragrance and beautiful leaves which give it a distinct appeal. Its special features are dazzling white or very pale pink flowers, pungent seeds, an attraction for birds and butterflies and the beauty it adds to a garden.
In Kenya, coriander grows best in mild warm to cool weather and well drained alluvial soils, rich in organic matter. Kenya’s coriander continues to enjoy exceptional quality around the world because it is grown in well monitored conditions, letting it develop from original seeds through maturity to the flowering stage.

Varieties of Kenya Coriander

All varieties of coriander are grown in Kenya, including;

Leaf Cilantro– Resembles parsley with its flat, delicately toothed leaves, pungent in smell and has a soapy taste.

Seed Coriander– This is coriander grown for seed harvesting. The plant is matured up to the stage it starts producing seeds. Seeds are crushed and used in curry powder.

Vietnamese Coriander– This type have narrow, smooth-edged and darker leaves, often with black parenthesis-like markings on either side of the leaf veins.

Culantro– Known as ‘spiny coriander’. It can be used interchangeably with leaf cilantro in recipes.
Whatever your preference, your taste and desire, Selina Wamucii is a one-stop shop and exporter of Kenya coriander. The go to destination for the best, naturally grown coriander in the world. With fresh coriander daily and a dedicated export team, value for money is all that awaits you.

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