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Kenya Herbs & Spices, a member of Selina Wamucii, provides fresh high quality Kenya mint at fair prices. We source our Kenya mint from family growers across the country.

Just the name alone conjures up images of chilly waterfalls and bright green leaves, and triggers olfactory and gustatory memories of refreshing coolness. Oh, to stand in the middle of a mint farm in bloom…

Mint has been used for various purposes since ancient times: as a medicinal herb, for culinary purposes in the kitchen as an aromatic addition to foods and drinks, and as a deodorizer, among other uses. In traditional Indian medicine for example, mint is an effective treatment for stomach pains. In Europe, it has been used as a deodorizer for long. Mint is also commonly used in aromatherapy in its essential oil form today for its ability to open the sinuses.

Simply being told something is ‘mint-flavored’ instantly associates that information with mint’s characteristic cooling effects. That cooling effect in mint is due to the presence of the oil menthol in its leaves. We have become so enamored of this marvelous substance that artificial menthol has been created to satiate the world’s craving for it.

At Kenya Herbs and Spices, though, we could never imagine artificially creating food. Our Kenyan mint, just like the other herbs we source from family growers, is produced naturally in the rich, dark and nurturing fertile soil of Kenya using a combination of traditional farming methods and modern techniques. We rigidly control our suppliers and sources to ensure that only the freshest, most flavorful mint of the highest quality reaches the plates of people in Kenya and around the world. Kenya mint is ideal for use both as garnishing for dishes and drinks, and as a cooked preparation.

Come, breathe in a whiff of our fresh Kenya mint-you will never find cooler, fresher mint.

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