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Selina Wamucii LTD grows, supplies and exports Kenya cinnamon to various countries in Europe, Asia & Middle East.

The cinnamon spice has a long history of complementing foods with a sweet, warm and savory flavor. This sweet and warm spice comes from the back of a tree native to Kenya. The Kenyan cinnamon is recommended to those who prefer their meals authentic and delectable. Who doesn’t prefer a heavenly and divine meal? That is why Kenya cinnamon has taken the number one place for being the seasoning that makes mouthwatering dishes.

Selina Wamucii Kenya Cinnamon

Selina Wamucii LTD grows and exports the best of cinnamon, guaranteed to provide nutritional value in addition to satisfying the desire for high class cinammon. Our Cinammon is not only known for its palatable properties but also for its health boosting characteristics. Kenyan Cinammon is good for blood sugar control, anti-microbial activity plus anti-clotting actions.

The most popular types of cinnamon that we export from Kenya include ceylon cinnamon and the cassia cinnamon. Ceylon, also referred to as ‘true cinnamon’ comes from within the crumbly inner bark of a cinnamon species known as Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree. It is characterized by a light, brown color and a sweet delicate flavor. On the other hand, Cassia is obtained from Cinamomum cassia plant. Cassia is characterized by a dark, red brown color which features harsher and overpowering flavors with less sweetness. Whether you prefer the sweet, subtle flavor or the pungent, full-bodied taste; Kenya Spices will meet your preference.

Kenya offers the best of the best when it comes to the world of herbs and spices, no doubt. Cinammon is top on the list with various countries importing this rare, exotic seasoning just to experience the beauty of an enticing meal prepared with Kenyan cinammon. Don’t be left out! A perfect dish can only be made by the secret ingredient of Kenya cinammon from Selina Wamucii LTD.

Choose Selina Wamucii LTD for the best cinnamon from Kenya.

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